All governments existing in the world today are based on—dependent upon—geography; the people residing in certain geographic regions, surrounded by geographic borders, are subject to the presiding government.

But the Internet is—perhaps already has—rendering geography irrelevant; think about that for a moment, the myriad implications of that fact.

The internet is also rendering irrelevant all other means of dividing humanity: race, gender, culture, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual persuasion, education, class; when people interact with one another online, do business with one another online, most, if not all, of these differences are largely irrelevant. The only relevant criteria are mutually shared values, and the free exchange of value, between individuals.

And, in time, crypto-currencies are going to render national currencies irrelevant as well. Crypto-currency will be the currency of the Internet, which is fast becoming the largest economy in the world, larger than any geographically-determined nation.

Now, think about this: at one time, great expanses of land separated humanity; after proficient land travel ended that separation, then vast oceans separated humanity. After sea and air travel ended that separation, then the divisions were  more ideological in nature—nationality, culture, societal norms, religion, and the like. But now the Internet and global communication networks are putting an end to those divisions as well.

Soon, the only thing dividing humanity will be our governments, and their fear-mongering propaganda.

So I ask: how long do you suppose they will last?

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