Dear Gun-Grabbers:

The government only does what the people want if it also happens to be what the government wants (which is why they use false-flag attacks, govt-controlled media, govt-run schools, and massive propaganda campaigns to manipulate and brainwash the people into wanting what the government wants—like, say, to disarm the people).

And, as they increasingly enrich and empower themselves off the backs of the people, while the people are too busy fighting amongst themselves to pay any attention to what their government is doing, eventually they will only do what they want, the people be damned (such has happened in, say, Venezuela).

So, I wonder: once the guns are confiscated, and only the government has them, and full tyranny sets in—how do you propose to stop them, and win your freedom back? Especially while you’re starving to death, there is no healthcare to speak of, and you’ve already eaten all your pets?

Harsh language? Voting? Yeah, that’ll work…

Remember: Ultimately, the Constitution doesn’t protect our natural right to own guns and defend ourselves—our guns do.

UPDATE: I was just about to publish this post when I stumbled across the following image online, and thought it fitting for this post. When I shared it on social media, I added the commentary: “Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? Just remember, all you gun-grabbers: they’re protecting you, too, whether you understand that or not.”


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