One day I decided to experiment with micro-fiction (also called “flash” fiction, or “sudden” fiction), dabbling in the idea of conceiving & writing a quickie in perhaps 15 minutes (or less). Sounded like fun, thought I’d give it a shot.

Along the way, I also decided to strip out all of the formatting, which resulted in the look and structure of the piece resembling that of a poem.

It’s been a fun and interesting endeavor (at least the way I’ve approached it), for all I supply are subtle clues—the reader, in effect, writes the actual story.

In one short evening, I managed to pen the following three works of micro-fiction:


the harpoon gun
as he stood in the hunting & fishing supply shop
looking at the display model mounted on the wall
he couldn’t think of a better tool for the job
he maxed out his credit card

it was late morning by the time he returned
but his wife’s car was still there
parked in his best friend’s driveway
he wondered how long this had been going on
as he crept stealthily around the side of the house
careful not to snag the protruding steel tips in the shrubs

he’d visited his friend’s home many times
so when he slipped inside the unlocked back door
he knew exactly where the bedroom was

Executive Decision

it took some finagling to get the executive suite
up on the tenth floor, none other would do
he was told it had to be reserved

he pressed the manager, explaining
it was just for one night, she had died
that afternoon in the nearby hospital
finally, the manager relented

from the high balcony at night he could see
the myriad twinkling lights of downtown
their town, their home for many years
as he gazed at her photo in one hand
he felt as empty as the flask in the other

setting them both down on the table
he stood, turned, and leapt

Birthday Boy

it was his birthday
all he asked for was a puppy
but they said no, no puppy
he glumly opened the presents

a spiderman action figure
a remote-controlled car
a new baseball and mitt
we can play catch later
with forced enthusiasm he agreed

they made him take out the trash
torn wrapping paper, empty boxes, styrofoam
he thought it unfair, it was his birthday
but still he dutifully complied
dragged the stuffed bag down the hall

once out in the garage
he dropped the bag in the can
and there it was
laughing and crying and shrieking
he carried it quickly inside
wriggling and licking and yipping

the candles were already lit
they began to sing

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