I no longer engage in the endless debates on social media, but I do still find a little speculation to be entertaining:

Eventually (preferably sooner than later), technology will end the state, and suddenly statists will discover that they have to be responsible for themselves. This self-responsibility will include protection—of themselves, their families, their property. Of course private enterprise will step up and help fill the void, perhaps on a very local, community level—and that’s great—but the Internet and related digital technologies are decentralizing the entire world down to the individual; and just as many individuals are now choosing to work as freelancers, many individuals will also choose to arm themselves and get properly trained in self-defense.

In the absence of the state, and thus the end of the misperception that it can protect us (it can’t, it’s incapable of doing so—and obviously, it cannot protect your children either, any more than it can educate them), I predict the US will transition to a heavily-armed and well-trained populace.

THIS is how the carnage will be mitigated when (not if) some crazed nutjob opens fire in a public space: optimal decentralization of personal protection/defense.

And BTW—you can forget about more gun control laws, simply because 3D printed (and now home CNC-machined) are already a reality, people can download the plans and manufacture guns right in their own homes, untraceable and unstoppable. So the gun control debate is already moot.

It’s time for statists to face the hard reality that the state cannot take care of them, and has no intention of doing so. The state takes care of the state, and its agents. If you haven’t learned this by now, you simply haven’t been paying attention. It is said that if you don’t master yourself, someone else will—and handing responsibility for one’s life and protection over to the state equates to handing one’s life over to a master, or masters. And we’ve all seen the ultimate consequences of this statist mindset.

But once the state ends, the people will be forced to take care of themselves—so y’all might as well start now

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