About Me

I am originally from Indianapolis, but now reside in beautiful Las Vegas, where I keep busy as an author, blogger, graphic designer, drummer, have recently begun dabbling in video production, and am preparing to launch my own podcast. I am also engaged in ongoing studies of philosophy, psychology, sociology, praxeology, Austrian economics, theology, and others, and self-describe as an autarchist (which I distinguish from the term anarchist, because anarchy is defined simply as no rulers, whereas the definition of autarchy specifically includes the aspect of self-rule, which I expand upon to include self-discipline and self-mastery. Thus, I believe autarchism properly addresses the requisite responsibility/duty side of the “liberty coin” as well as the rights/liberty side, whereas the term anarchy does not).

As for my “job”, for the last 8 years I’ve been operating a pool & spa service company with my brother.

In the past, I’ve also worked as shipping/receiving & warehouse manager, assembly department foreman, purchasing & inventory control manager, publications manager, technical writer, copywriter, and graphic designer for various industrial equipment manufacturing firms in Indianapolis; as technical writer/copywriter/publications manager, I developed and published some 40 equipment user and parts manuals for distribution in both in the US and the UK.  

I’ve also worked in retail management, such as store manager/company manager trainer for a large video store chain in Indianapolis, tool & hardware lead and shift manager for Sears (also in Indy), and shift manager for Borders Bookstore at McCarran International Airport here in Las Vegas.

More recently, I’ve worked for many years as an independent contractor, including property maintenance, satellite dish installation, and of course swimming pool & spa service and equipment repair & installation.

About My Fiction

In 2000, while in Cypress (Houston) Texas pursuing helicopter pilot training (at Helicopter Services, Inc., David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport), I penned my first short story, A Sweet Ridewhich remains a reader favorite to this day. Shortly thereafter, I wrote my first novella, Roughing It.

Later, in 2009, my mystifying story The Traveler won first place in an international short fiction competition hosted by Carpe Articulum Literary Review Magazine, and was published in six countries and five languages. In 2010, the short-story version of my ghostly drama Forever Anna Day received Honorable Mention in the same competition, and has since been expanded to a novella, now a reader favorite in my collection Rolling The Bones. Also in 2010, my fun & chilling story CATS (not the musical) was a finalist in the Writer’s Digest 79th Annual Writing Competition.

My collection, Rolling The Bones: 12 Tales of Life, Death, Loss, & Redemption, published in 2016, comprises the best of my fiction collected over the course those 16 years, including the stories mentioned above, plus a few more recent pieces such as the coming-of-age novella The Crossing, and the horrific and terrifying CHAMBERS, and other short stories such as Hell or High Water and A Bearable Darkness of Being.

I currently have a sizeable novel under development (working title Primeval), which I hope to finish and publish in early 2019. I am also expanding my very popular CATS short story into a multi-part series, which I hope to have finished and published in the fall of 2010. Plus, I have few other book ideas floating around in my head—both fiction and non-fiction—but only time will tell when/if they come to fruition…

About This Blog

I’ve spent much of my life seeking answers, seeking truth, continuously learning and growing and reading everything I can get my hands on in an attempt to understand how the world works and how I can develop myself to be the best person I can be. I’ve made mistakes (lots of mistakes, and some dandy ones too); I’ve strayed—gone unbelievable far down the wrong path, more than once—but I keep correcting coarse, and strive to carry on in my endeavors. With time, I seem to be making fewer mistakes (or at least smaller ones), and have begun to feel comfortable with the notion of sharing some of what I’ve learned over the years.

The purpose of this blog is to share whatever information, knowledge, truth, or wisdom I’ve discovered throughout my life which I believe has helped me in some way, with the hope that it may possibly help others. There are vast oceans of information, disinformation, and even outright lies through which we must navigate as we search for those few gleaming gems that are actually helpful, or occasionally even profound—so I figure anything I can do to expedite the journey for others is well worth the effort. Even if only one single person benefits in one tiny way from what I’m able to share here, then I will have left the world better than it was when I arrived—and that’s my ultimate goal.

I urge readers to subscribe to this blog’s email updates, and “like” my corresponding Blog Facebook Page in order to follow my work.

In the least, I hope you find my blog informative, interesting, and entertaining—and I thank you for visiting!

For What It’s Worth

I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that this website is my own brainchild; I set it up and customized it myself, and continue to maintain it, edit it, produced the artwork, and write all of the original content.

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