We’ve just witnessed three mass shootings over the course of a week, with dozens of innocent, unarmed people dead and many other injured: one last Sunday July 28 at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California that killed 3 and injured a dozen, one at a Walmart in Texas on Saturday Aug 3 that killed 20 and injured 26, and then one in the wee hour of 1 AM on Saturday night outside a bar in Ohio, which killed 9 and injured 27.

So I think at this point, the writing’s on the wall; it’s time to implement, on a national scale, some common-sense gun measures in the interest of public safety:

  • It’s time for the common-sense arming and training of a much larger portion of the populace
  • It’s time for the common-sense repeal of all restrictive, rights-violating, and unconstitutional gun control laws
  • It’s time for the common-sense end of all political, corporate media, and cultural stigmatization of law-abiding gun owners (when they should, in fact, be praised and thanked for their service to society)
  • It’s time for the common-sense end of all gun-free zones in public spaces
  • It’s time to start including common-sense (and mandatory) firearm use and safety classes in all school curriculums

UPDATE: In the original version of this article, I had added a side note here about disarming police officers due to the high incidence of them recklessly shooting and killing people (and/or their dogs)—specifically, removing sidearms from patrol officers, and only allowing them to have a firearm locked in its cradle in their vehicle, and only allowing supervisors to carry easily-accessible sidearms…but that is an entirely different issue, was distracting readers from the primary issue of this article, and was putting off some readers who may readily agree with arming and training more citizens in response to the mass shootings we keep seeing, but may not agree with the idea of disarming police officers. So I removed that segment of the article and turned it into a stand alone article here.

So now, back to the issue at hand: what can be done in response to these mass shootings of innocent, helpless people in public places?

See, the problem is, in the wake of such tragedies, we consistently ask the wrong question—usually something along the lines of: “What can we do to make sure this never happens again?”

And this question is usually answered with the proposition of more and stricter gun control laws, or the creation of gun-free zones, or the prohibition of certain firearms and/or accessories, the like—all of which do nothing to stop criminals from committing the same violent acts in the future—criminals don’t obey laws, that’s what makes them criminals—but instead handicap the public even further, thus increasing the risks of even more future attacks, with even higher body counts.

(This typical response stems from people being indoctrinated from birth to cede their power to some perceived authority—be it authority figures within in the family, or the church, or the school, or the state, or the healthcare cartel, or the banking cartel, you name it—but again I digress, that’s another topic for another discussion on another day…)

The fact is, the reality is, that there is NOTHING we can do that will grant such a utopian assurance of safety and security in the future. Such tragedies CAN’T be stopped from ever happening again—not with existing technology, anyway. Regardless of what safeguards are put into place, what new laws are enacted, what precautions are taken, there’s always going to be some random nutjob that ignores the laws, works around the safeguards and precautions, and opens fire in a public place, killing masses of innocent, helpless people, for whatever twisted reason they deem…or even no reason at all, because they’re just crazy. Or evil. Or their mind is drugged out of any stable reasoning capacity. Whatever.

In light of that fact, then the question that SHOULD be asked in the wake of such tragedies is: “What can we do to mitigate the damage next time? Minimize the carnage? Reduce the death of innocents, and stop the perpetrator as quickly as possible?

And the answer is simple: decentralize the protection industry. Arm and train as many citizens as possible, and stop violating the rights of individuals to own and carry firearms, and stop banning firearms from public places, and stop inhibiting people from protecting themselves, their loved ones, the community.

With the current centralized protection industry—especially with all the aforementioned problems, inefficiencies, and unaccountability inherent in any state-operated agency such as the public police force—much of the general populace is disarmed, unnecessarily creating masses of helpless victims, or easy targets if you will, with their only recourse during an unfolding crisis being to wait for the police (armed people) to arrive on the scene…which is usually too late, of course.

Because the mantra is true: when seconds count, police are only minutes away…

So again, the arming and training of a much larger portion of the populace, thus decentralizing public protection and safety, is the proper recourse here. By doing so, then when a crazy nutjob DOES open fire in a public place—and it WILL happen again, there’s no way of preventing it—a dozen people around him can immediately fire back, ending the incident as quickly as it starts, and greatly minimizing the carnage, if not preventing it altogether.

So my above list of common-sense gun measures, in the interest of public safety, is a good start. Admittedly, it is by no means exhaustive—I’m sure others can think of many more helpful proposals and/or plans of action—but at least now, we can begin a truly effective dialogue.

After all, better late than never…

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