I’ve got something stuck in my craw, and I need to vent a little:

I’m getting sick and tired of people accusing Voluntaryists of “not providing any answers or solutions, just talking shit.” Here’s an example from a brain-dead commenter on one of my posts on Facebook:

“They offer rebuttals and criticism, but no ideas on how to rectify the issue at hand. Gotta love anarchists. Talk shit, act superior, take a seat and do fuck all.”

Understand: Voluntaryism, or a stateless society, is an ideology, not a system, or a formula; we’re not saying we have all the answers. What we ARE saying is that the initiation of force or violence against innocents—whether individually, or via the tool of the state—is NOT an appropriate (or even effective) answer or solution to problems or issues that arise within society. In fact, I think it’s pretty widely accepted, even by statists, that when the government gets involved, it not only does not solve the issue at hand—but exacerbates it, and often causes other problems in the process!

So we Voluntaryists are simply suggesting that the sanctioned force and violence of government be removed from the equation, and allow private enterprise, operating in a free and open marketplace, to address the issues, solve the problems. Why don’t we try that? It’s worked in every other industry, why not try handing the “services” provided by the state over as well, give the private sector a shot at them? It sure as hell couldn’t be any worse.

In a free (stateless) society, where people no longer have the option of stealing from others to pay for what they want, or of using force or violence or threat of violence to get their way, then private enterprise will step in to provide goods and services to the people, at a price the market will bear. So industry competition will continually drive the price down, and the quality/choices up, until a market equilibrium is reached, and thus the demand is fulfilled.

So stop looking for all the answers up front, before you’re willing to consider the ideology. If you know that the system we’re currently trapped in isn’t working—never has, and never will—then why wouldn’t you be willing to try something different, which might actually work—and likely much, much better than the violent, coercive, unaccountable, authoritarian system we now suffer under?

In the 20th century alone, it’s estimated that governments killed around 200 million of their own citizens (not including wars, just their own citizens). How do you statists answer for THAT? And you’re criticizing us for not having all the answers before at least trying a non-violent ideology??

So stop accusing us of not having all the solutions or answers ready-made. At least we’re willing to try for a better, safer, more peaceful and prosperous world for everyone—including you statists.


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