Well, three years almost to the day after originally publishing my book Rolling The Bones, I may actually be satisfied with it!

Pictured above are the very first two copies of the newly expanded version, hot off the press! After expanding the book by 100+ pages, it now weighs in at a tad over 600 pages!

When I published the original book back in June of 2016, I’d delayed it for several weeks, because I didn’t wanna rush it, I wanted it to be the absolute best it could be. And, I think it was. And based on the reader reviews, I believe I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish with the book. The project was a success…!

However, the one tiny thing that kept bugging me about it was that I finished the book with my short story CATS (not the musical). CATS was a fun little short story that I thought up one night many years ago, and next morning I sat down and completed the first draft in a single day! The finished/polished version went on to be a finalist in Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition, and it’s been by far my most popular Kindle single. Plus, even some of those who left good reviews on Bones also mentioned CATS as being one of their favorites!

But, deep down inside, I never really thought CATS was complete; it was a 14-page fun and creepy little short story, and was very popular—but admittedly, it just sort of ended in the middle of nowhere. And I always wondered if maybe I was selling my readers short, having them read through nearly 500 pages of my book, only to have the final story just end like that, without any sort of closure. I’ve always wondered if people were disappointed about that. Or even pissed…

Then, a couple years after publishing Bones, the rest of the CATS story finally revealed itself to me, and last summer I expanded the 14-page short story to a 132-page short novel, and published it just in time for the Las Vegas Book Festival last October!

And now, after much deliberation, I’ve included the full novel version (now entitled CATS: the number of the beast) in Rolling The Bones, and now feel the book is finally complete, with the final story CATS now having much more depth and intrigue—and perhaps more importantly, some closure.

(And besides, I needed to redesign the back cover anyway (it now includes reader blurbs), and since expanding the book would also require a cover redesign due to the much thicker spine, I decided to kill two birds and do both at the same time—new content, new cover…)

And now, at 608 pages, Rolling The Bones definitely qualifies as a heavyweight—and I take pride in the accomplishment!

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