Awhile back, I mentioned on Facebook how, in a moment of frustration and weakness, I said screw it and bought mac-n-cheese and hot dogs at the store so I could go back to eating the quick-n-easy grub I used to love, if just for a day or two…

Turns out, even though they were my favorite dogs, I could hardly choke them down, they were so awful. And I couldn’t tolerate the buns at all (even though they were whole wheat, once my favorite). The Mac-n-cheese was okay, but I felt so horrible after eating an entire bowl of it that I regretted it.

Suddenly, I no longer crave mac-n-cheese and hot dogs…

Then came the McRib. I actually wrote a blog article about this. Even though I was aware of how unhealthy they are, and was somewhat aware of how they’re made (do I really wanna know? No), I’ve always loved ’em. LOVED ’em. So this past fall, when my local McDonalds got the McRib back for a limited time, I swung in and indulged one.

It was all I could do to choke it down. My resulting blog article is entitled My Last McRib Sandwich, and I meant it.

I’m amazed at how much my tastes have changed since transitioning over to healthy, nutritious, real food over the past few years…and to add to the above, I also can barely stand to drink Diet Coke anymore, when I used to practically live on the stuff.

Well, today, a new one: a deli pizza. Picked one up on impulse at the store yesterday, knowing that today is Christmas, I’d be sitting at home all day, everyplace would be closed, and I’m off work. So I said what the heck, I’ll grab a deli pizza—a Christmas present to myself tomorrow.

And, even after adding some healthy veggies and seasoning it up and throwing on a little extra cheese before cooking it, guess what? Yep. I could hardly choke it down—and felt awful for the rest of the afternoon. Again, quite surprised…and, admittedly, disappointed.

I’ll be tossing the rest of it in the garbage…

But again, it’s good news, and goes to show ya that even though transitioning away from our favorite, addictive, unhealthy, fake foods and over to healthy, nutritious, REAL food seems really difficult in the beginning, our tastes do adjust over time, and you start feeling so much better (and, incidentally, so less hungry all the time), that suddenly you wonder how the hell you ever ate all that crap in the first place!

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