Many look to the law to determine who has authority over others.

And many may look to political power or firepower to determine who has authority over others.

But I look to morality, wherein no individual or group has any legitimate authority over any other individual or group.

Rather, each individual is the sole and final authority over their own life, mind, body, labor, property, and wealth; and any authority over such that is ceded to any other(s) must be consensually granted by each individual.

Any other means of some acquiring authority over others requires the initiation of force or violence (or threat thereof) by some against others, which is immoral.

This is why voluntaryism/anarchism (or my preferred terms consensualism/autarchism) is the only just and moral pathway to achieving a truly civil society, while also enjoying an optimal level of prosperity.

But I wonder: is the human race capable of evolving Toward Autarchy?

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