Rand Eastwood

Thank you for visiting my blog! A little about me: I am the the author of Rolling The Bones: 12 Tales of Life, Death, Loss, & Redemption, an epic collection of subtly interconnected short stories and novellas (some of them award-winners), and CATS: the number of the beast, a fun & creepy short novel. And, in addition to writing & managing this blog, I'm also a graphic designer, drummer, craftsman, certified pool & spa techniciancertified nutritionist, certified in NLP, helicopter pilot, philosopher, and syncretist, residing in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. I currently have an extensive novel under development (working title Primeval), along with various other writing/book projects. To follow my work, please subscribe to this blog for free email updates, "like" this blog's corresponding Facebook Page, and follow my Amazon Author Page for future book releases. Thanks!