I recently stumbled across an article entitled 10 of the Most Powerful All Natural Antibiotics Known To Man, published over at Collective Evolution, and can vouch for some of the products listed, thought I’d share.

I use apple cider vinegar and colloidal silver daily to support my immune system, and am now looking into making my own colloidal silver at home for economical purposes.

From the afforementioned article:

Colloidal Silver

“This natural antibiotic has been used for centuries, and is one of my personal favourites, as it’s cured me of many severe throat infections. Colloidal silver is a mixture of silver particles suspended in fluid. Though meant to be a temporary treatment, since silver, a heavy metal, can be toxic, it can be used to stop the enzymes that single-cell bacteria need in order to multiply.”

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties that can naturally alkalize your body, which can help prevent or fight cancer in some cases. This special type of vinegar can also combat heartburn, manage weight, and lower cholesterol. It can also be used as a sterilizer or disinfectant when used topically, or can be a delicious addition to salads and other recipes!”

But in this article I want to focus primarily on the health benefits of colloidal silver.

Certain minerals such as gold, silver, and copper kill bacteria and other pathogens, which is why, before modern sanitation, bowls, cups, pitchers, vases, etc. were made from these metals, not just as status symbols, but because the water in them stayed clean and fresh longer, whereas it quickly turned green and stagnated in other types of containers.

And today, pool algaecides are mineral-based, the cheaper made with copper, the better with silver. I’ve had pools turning green that I’ve struggled to clear up using chlorine and copper-based algaecide, then as a last resort used silver algaecide (it’s rather expensive), and BAM! crystal clear the next week!

So yeah, silver works.  So whenever I start getting sick—start feeling the sore throat coming on, the achy sinuses, etc—I up the colloidal silver, and it usually clears up before it progresses to a full-blown illness.

(For more about how silver kills bacteria and other pathogens, check out the article Colloidal Silver’s Advantage Over Pharmaceutical Antibiotics recently published over at Health Impact News. But for a quick, informative lesson, just watch this explanatory video by Dr. Gordon Pedersen of Sliver Health Institute:

Going back to the original article referenced at the opening of this article, along with apple cider vinegar and colloidal silver, I’ve also tried turmeric, though not for its antibiotic effects, but for its purported anti-inflammatory properties (curcumin), with limited results. For inflammation I seem to respond better to high-potency omega-3 oil, and particularly CBD oil. (And I’m currently looking into reduction of inflammatory foods, such as eggs and red meat, to attack inflammation on the causal side, rather than merely the symptomatic side).

Other products listed in the aforementioned article include oregano essential oil, raw honey, garlic, ginger extract, and others, which I personally have not (yet) tried.

But there’s definitely something to be said for using natural remedies, rather than ingesting toxins and chemicals (including preventing disease nutritionally beforehand, rather than merely treating it afterwards), and as a Certified Nutritionist (PNL1), I always recommend doing so whenever possible.

I hope this article has been helpful!

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