I find it tragically ironic that Irwin Schiff’s parents immigrated to the US in search of freedom, only to have their only son Irwin pass away in prison while being held political prisoner.

I abhor both the income tax (tantamount to slavery—seizing the product of one’s labor) and property tax (something between feudalism (a lord granting use of his land to a vassal in exchange for service) and fascism (citizens can own property, but the state dictates or controls its use). I believe both are evil, and I frequently say so.

But Irwin Schiff’s lifelong principled battle “against the Federal Government’s illegal and unconstitutional enforcement and collection of the income tax” cost him three prison sentences, the final one unfortunately turning into a life sentence.

His son, Peter Schiff, wrote more in depth of his father on his website.

As Bulter Shaffer says, the people will not become free when the state ends, the state will end when the people become free. And thanks to the Internet and digital technology, the message and principles of rights, liberty, and property are spreading rapidly around the world, and people are slowly waking up; perhaps eventually, the people will free themselves, the state will be ended, and there will be no more political prisoners such as Irwin Schiff shackled and caged and left to die in prison simply for their beliefs.

R.I.P., Irwin Schiff—you truly were a patriot!