I continue to watch in amazement as so many in the liberty community incessantly attack one another. I find it rather perplexing; we’re supposed to be promoting liberty, and attacking a tyrannical state—rather than each other—and attempting to win the hearts and minds of newcomers, in the hope that they will join us in the movement…so shouldn’t we be presenting at least the appearance of a united front in this endeavor, rather than openly squabbling amongst ourselves?

So I watch the mud-slinging, the name-calling, the vitriol, and attempt to identify and/or understand its causes, its origins. And I wonder: are prominent voices in the movement simply jockeying for time and position in the limelight? Are some perhaps turning to conflict and sensationalism in order to drive traffic to their websites and programs, merely in the interest of revenue generation? Has the liberty movement become trendy—the cool place to be—and so many have simply ventured in for the social aspect, the popularity—without truly understanding the ideology behind it?

I’ve no idea; but I suppose all of the above are distinct possibilities.

But tell you what: as of late, the internal conflict and mudslinging within the liberty community has at points gotten so bad, it’s been tantamount to watching a GOP presidential debate!

And I cannot imagine a newcomer—when stopping for a moment to consider the liberty movement, and seeing this type of conflict, to the extent that I’ve been seeing recently—being the least bit intrigued by, let alone attracted to, the ideology.

rabbit L vs duck L

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