I’m beginning to believe that things are about to get really ugly, all around the world. Why? Because throughout history, collectivism has proven to be highly destructive to humanity, to civil society—possibly the most destructive of any other factor—and most collectivist thinking is premised upon geography—i.e., geographic location (as are governments, but that’s a whole-nother discussion…).

But proficient world travel, global satellite communication systems, the Internet, and related digital technologies have—or are quickly doing so—rendered geographic location irrelevant. Not only is this new reality quickly rendering the nation-state model of governance irrelevant and ineffective, but it is also enabling, or even prompting, a merging of myriad collectives—differing by race, or nationality, or religion, or what have you—into one another’s geographic habitats. 

In other words, we are all suddenly being forced to live together, to tolerate each other, regardless of our perceived differences…and this new reality doesn’t seem to be boding well with many.

(Side Note: One thing that would help all of us at this point is to re-establish an appropriate degree of disconnectedness, about which I wrote—

Somehow, people are going to have to learn how to consciously mind their own business, and to secure their own privacy, and particularly to keep their private business to themselves—as well as how to disregard the opinions of irrelevant others about them, their ideas, their choices, their business, their lives.

—but simply each of us minding our own business and taking steps to preserve our individual privacy can only help so much…)

In view of this new, emerging reality of a wholly integrated world, it seems that humanity is faced with a choice: either quickly shift into the mindset of a global people—one common, planetary species—or prepare to fight one another…every conceivable collective vs. every other conceivable collective, which can result in nothing but global civil unrest and war: international wars between nations, revolutionary wars between governments and peoples, civil wars between various factions or collectives within civilian populations.

And I’m not sure (and, based on what I’m seeing out there—in the news, on social media, in politics, emerging police states and ongoing military conflict around the world—I highly doubt) that much of humanity is willing (or perhaps even capable) of choosing the former.

Rather, it appears that things are going to get really ugly, around the world.

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