I’ve been studying Dr. Jordan Peterson‘s work (books and videos) for a few months now, and the following video—in which he absolutely shreds clueless interviewer Cathy Newman—illustrates why…brilliant! Worth a watch:

UPDATE: Scott Adams weighs in on the Cognitive Dissonance of Cathy Newman

Shorty after Newman’s interview of Dr. Peterson was released, Scott Adams (creator Dilbert) weighed in, drawing on his background in hypnotism to analyze Cathy Newman’s repeated demonstration of her own struggle with cognitive dissonance:

“She came into the discussion with a set of beliefs that she didn’t think were gonna change. Obviously, she expected to tear him apart based on how she imagined she would show him to be politically incorrect or whatever…but one time after another he would, like a surgeon with a scalpel, he was dismantling her belief system in front of her—it was like he was disemboweling her psychology, without anesthesia, and the result would be, she kept saying, “All right, so you’re saying X,” and he would just laugh and say “I didn’t say that, I never said those words, nothing like that have I said, in fact, what I did say was,”—and it’d be something completely different.

Now, the first one or two times you hear it you say to yourself, “Oh, she had some bad assumptions or she remembered something differently, and she’s asking for clarification, she’s just doing the job of a good interviewer, she’s pressing him to to make his points better.” After you see it about the twelfth time, that she says something as a restatement of what he said, that is nothing like what he said, just completely different, and then he laughs and corrects her, you can see what’s happening: she is quite literally hallucinating in front of you, and he’s triggering each one of these—they’re all different—but he triggers them one at a time, by having an argument that she can’t refute, but also can’t accept—that’s the trigger for cognitive dissonance.”

Watch his full analysis:

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