Throughout history, the state has always strived to point out enemies—real or manufactured—to its citizenry.

These “enemies” can take the form of “bad people,” or “bad nations,” or largely fictitious societal problems—or even genuine societal problems, emergencies, and/or crises which, more often than not, more likely than not, were caused by the state in the first place.

Although much of this, on a lesser, individual level, is likely driven by the government “worker’s” natural desire for job security (it’s difficult for me to imagine the paranoia that must permeate all “jobs” within the public sector, as nothing of any real value is produced within these fictitious capacities, so their occupants must constantly strive to not only justify their own employment—but even the very existence of their “jobs” as well; and worse—all decisions within the hierarchy are based on politics and bureaucratic policy, rather than on efficiencies and/or productivity (there are no efficiency or productivity considerations in a state-run enterprise which is inherently devoid of free-market forces)—so one never knows which way the wind will be blowing on any particular day…what a living nightmare that must be…but I digress), and so enemies or problems must be constantly created in order to seemingly justify the existence of the state, and thus preserve the “careers” of its parasitic members.

And at the higher state and national levels, enemies are conjured, seemingly daily, in order to frighten the citizenry—which throughout history has proven to be quite an effective method for extracting wealth and property from the people, as well as terminating their rights and liberties in order to transfer ever-greater power and authority to the state—all in the name of “keeping us safe,” or “national interests,” or “homeland security.”

Fear, steeped in ignorance, works well upon the masses; may the witch hunt(s) begin…

Since I’ve only existed on this planet for about a half-century, my personal experience of this phenomenon is limited to the last few decades of the 20th century, and, of course, the opening decades of the 21st—but I remember, in my younger years, Washington pointing out such enemies abroad as Communist China and the Soviet Union; and to a lesser degree, perhaps Cuba and North Korea…or simply Communism in general.

The Cold War. The Race To Space. The Cuban Missile Crisis.

And because during wartime the Constitution can be readily cast aside, granting Washington immense powers that it otherwise doesn’t (legally) possess, then they wage, conveniently enough, perpetual wars against perpetual enemies: the “war on poverty,” the “war on drugs,” the “war on hunger,” the “war on terror,” etc.

However, with the dissolution of the USSR in the early 90s, Washington has had to scramble to point out new enemies abroad in order to keep the American people frightened enough to continue eagerly handing over their wealth and liberty. More recently, those enemies have included several small, largely defenseless nations in the Middle East; China and Russia have now re-emerged as threats;  and, of course, there’s always Iran, that evil nation which, over the past couple hundred years, has attacked….nobody.

But today it’s gotten much worse, as government on all levels—local, state, national—has grown to the point of absurdity, is everywhere bankrupt, and, as a result, has turned upon its own citizenry for enemies to point to in order to continue justifying its existence and extorting funding from the people— even unto the inevitable economic and societal collapse (as any mindless tumor will grow and grow until it finally kills its own host).

Domestic enemies have become too numerous to count; of course, there have always been the easy targets—such as those within the (non state-approved) drug industry, or the sex (gasp!) industry—as few are willing to speak out publicly in defense of such taboo industries when their innocent participants are victimized by the state.

First they came for the socialists…..

But now we are seeing “enemies” of all stripes: gay people who wish to marry; those pesky libertarians and constitutionalist who insist that the state abide by the law, and wish to restore human rights and return liberty to the people; wealthy people who aren’t paying their “fair share”; those big, evil corporations that do nothing but prey on their customers and take advantage of poor people; the healthcare/health insurance industry, which takes advantage of sick and/or injured people; immigrants; Muslims; religious people who put God before state; farmers and ranchers who utilize land that Washington wants to commandeer for its own profiteering; government whistleblowers and their collaborating journalists; veterans returning home from overseas; marijuana smokers, raw milk drinkers, home schoolers, gun owners…even children who open lemonade stands without the state’s permission!

The list goes on and on and on; and thus it is quite easy to see that the state spends an immense amount of time—day in and day out—pointing out enemies to the American people.

Now, there’s an old saying I’d like to recount here:

When you are going about your day, and you run into an asshole, then no big deal—you just happened to run into an asshole; but when you find that you are running into assholes all day, every day—well, then, chances are YOU are the asshole.

With this in mind, now consider how the state, all day, every day, points out enemies to the American people; that being the case, then who, pray tell, do you suppose is actually the enemy?

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