You see what’s happening, don’t you? The escalating violence, from all sides, all around us? Well, you shouldn’t be surprised, because that’s the natural result of a statist society.

It’s only natural—in a society wherein government, at many levels, controls every aspect of the lives, business, property, and even wealth of the people—that various factions within that society would strive to seize, or at least influence, the reigns of government power, in order to protect or even benefit themselves, at the expense or at least relegation of the others.

And it’s only natural, in such a society—since the notion of the use of force or violence against others has also been generally accepted as a viable means of resolving conflict or disputes—that the violence would continuously escalate, as the various factions up the ante in their efforts to seize or maintain the reigns of government power.

I believe that what we’re seeing today is only the beginning of the natural escalation of violence, in the natural battle for governmental power or influence, which would necessarily develop within a statist society, which is by definition premised upon the sanctioned use of force and violence by some against others.

And I’m always astonished at the appalled reaction to the resultant violence, from the very people who espouse the very ideology which is premised upon that very violence!

Unfortunately, the only way to arrest this process would be to remove the governing institutions from power over the lives, business, property, and wealth of the people—to eliminate the reigns of power, thus eliminate the very impetus of, or incentive for, the ongoing, increasingly violent battle between the various factions of the populace (i.e., return to—or perhaps for the first time truly establish—the principles of human rights, liberty, property rights, and the resultant free, peaceful, and prosperous society)—and I don’t see that happening, at least not in my lifetime.

And even if revolution were to occur—if the current institutional order were somehow brought down, dismantled—the likely result would be that whoever holds the most power among the revolutionaries would then erect a new government(s), a new institutional order, of course placing themselves or their own “anointed ones” in power over the rest of the populace, and the entire process would start over—as, unfortunately, has been the case for all of human history.

No, such a revolution would have to take place in conjunction with a shift in the collective consciousness: a wholesale rejection, in the hearts and minds of the people, of the initiation of force or violence against innocents, or aggression against their property (otherwise known as the Non-Aggression Principle or NAP).

And I don’t see that happening, either—at least not in my lifetime.

Though in recent years I’ve hoped for a technological revolution, rather than a bloody one—that advances in technology (the internet, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer apps, communication technology, etc.) will simply render government (at least as we know it today) irrelevant, impotent; that eventually, the antiquated state would simply fade from modern society, like the horse & buggy—I now suspect that it’s too late, even for that.

Rather, today I fear that we may not be heading into revolution after all, technological or otherwise; instead, it appears that we may well be heading into civil war, or perhaps total societal collapse—it’s difficult to determine exactly how the inevitable end of a statist society will manifest—but that’s the direction we’re headed, as evidenced by the ever-escalating violence we’re seeing all around us, in ever-increasing frequency.

And as long as the people continue fighting each other, the government(s) remains in power, in the process accruing ever greater control over, and extracting ever more wealth from, the people—which is their ultimate goal, and is the inevitable result of statism—until total economic and societal collapse is achieved, thus spawning civil war and/or revolution.

So I believe it’s about to get really, really ugly out there…time to batten down the hatches, folks—we’re in for a helluva ride!

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