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Included in the collection Rolling The Bones, The Crossing was by far the most enjoyable piece to write—it was the last piece I needed to finish to complete the book, so I gave myself the rare latitude of putting down my “rule book” and just running with the story, letting it unfold on its own.

Comprising elements reminiscent of Stephen King’s The Body (film adaptation Stand By Me), The Crossing came in at about 100 pages, and unexpectedly became the prelude to my current novel in process, Primeval.

Reader Reviews:

“The other night (when I got through The Crossing), I got in bed at 1am with the intent of reading for half an hour. Four hours later, I finally forced myself to put the book down and get some sleep before work!”

“Stories like Forever Anna Day and The Crossing are fabulously detailed and masterfully crafted without oversaturating the pages with exposition or unnecessary dialogue. The Crossing, in particular, had me on the edge of my seat and eager to into the world Eastwood has crafted for us readers. Request Denied is a well-written short story with an ending I absolutely would not have guessed and genuinely shocked me when I read it.”

“Reminiscent of Stephen King’s movie adaptation “Stand By Me,” The Crossing brings back all the adventures I had as a youth. The last days of being twelve seemed to last a hundred years to a faded memory. The world was wide and wild and you never knew what lay around the corner. Chasing dreams with a sweaty hat and a skinned knee on a clunky old bike. At least that was how I remember it. A lot of action, a lot of boredom. And even a shack in the middle of an swamp.”

Official Synopsis:

“In the small town of Hope, adult life is about to be thrust upon young Tommy, essentially ending his childhood and his boyhood adventures with his best friend Winnie. This uncertain future as a “man” frightens him; he wonders if he’ll turn out to be just like his abusive, alcoholic father—or become an emotionally damaged deadbeat like his older brother Will. As his last childhood summer draws to a close, he struggles with the prospect of leaving his childhood paradise—and his best friend—behind, only to venture into the unknown, scary territory of adulthood, perhaps prematurely. But an evil entity hidden deep within the nearby haunted Black Woods and Blackwater Swamp beckons, and “Old Rope” (the ancient, rickety rope bridge that crosses Hope Creek Canyon near Black Woods) offers him a possible escape—and the decision he makes will mark his name down in history forever…”


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