As of today (Friday June 26 2020), corrupt Nevada governor Steve Sisolak has (unlawfully) mandated wearing masks in all indoor areas aside from your home.

But that’s okay, I’ve already been forced to curtail much of my activities outside of work

For example, I’ve already cancelled my gym membership for voluntarily implementing such insane policies, and I refuse to shop at Costco for the same reason, potentially ending my years of loyal patronage as an Executive Member. I’ve emailed them multiple times threatening to cancel, as have many others, but they’re standing firm, throwing our complaints back in our faces:

“Although some may disagree with this policy or question its effectiveness. . .we believe this is the right thing to do under the current circumstances.”

My public library patronage was entirely ended for a couple of months (they told me some time ago that I was their top patron), but I’ve been cautiously venturing back since they re-opened, since they hadn’t mandated masks, and I can (barely) tolerate all the insane measures they’ve put into place to supposedly combat a non-issue. But now, that activity will necessarily entirely cease as well, as I refuse to play their stupid game.

Also, I was on the cusp of joining a different gym that was implementing more conservative policies that I thought would we doable—but the corrupt tyrant Sisolak believes we should all work out or do cardio while wearing masks…obviously, an impossibility—how will they even be able to stay in business? But then, it’s also blatantly obvious that he himself has never set foot in a gym, so how would he know or care?

So as of today, I will be staying home at all times outside of work. I will order my groceries delivered. Our daily drink/restroom break stop out on the route will end, I will bring my own drinks in a cooler and use restrooms in the public parks. I will go for walks to get additional exercise. And I will wait for the insanity to end—if it ever does.

(An upside: I suppose I’ll have plenty of opportunity to continue my studies, write on my blog, and work on finishing my novel, huh?)

I don’t want to live in this kind of insane, idiotic, tyrannical world. And I’d like to extend a hearty thanks to all of the submissives out there, for their mindless compliance, thereby making all this idiocy, insanity, and tyranny possible.

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