As for the future of liberty, here are my ponderings of late:

After the recent splintering of the liberty community (which seemingly escalated primarily during the Trump campaign?), once the dust and smoke sort of settled over the ensuing year or so, for awhile I wondered: is there anything I could do to help re-unify so many divided people within the movement? As long as we’re busy fighting amongst ourselves, the state continues marching toward tyranny unabated. Somehow, we need to set our differences aside, and present a united front against the tyranny of the state, and of statists who continue advancing their evil agendas via the state.

Can this be done? And can I in any way help accomplish this?

But then, I seemed to identify the predominant rift in the community as being between the moralists/idealists, and the pragmatists/realists (and, BTW, the reason the debate(s) between these two factions will never be resolved—as in, say, the immigration debate—is because both sides are correct; I believe the problem therein lies in a mutual misunderstanding of the true nature of the argument—but that’s a whole-nother discussion for another day…)

So here’s my thought: perhaps this particular dividing of the liberty community was a good thing? A cleansing, of sorts? I’ve seen much more unity in the remaining moralists, as the pragmatists abandon the principles of human rights and liberty and instead assimilate into the existing political landscape as their higher values are increasingly threatened. And if that’s the case, then were they truly libertarians/anarchists (or, as I prefer, Autarchists) to begin with?

And after this cleansing of LINOs, do we now have a much more rock-solid base from which to grow our movement—the gradual shift in the collective consciousness, most effectively achieved through each individual’s personal development and leading the way for others by exampletoward statelessness, and a truly free and moral society?

Just a thought…

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