When I was a kid, I’d get an idea in my head, and just start doing it. More often than not, before long I found myself in trouble. Not necessarily because I was doing something wrong, but because I didn’t have permission to be doing it, or wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing, or wasn’t doing it the *way* I was told to.

It was always quite perplexing to me. It just never occurred to me to get permission from uninvolved or irrelevant people to do something.

And of course, the same difficulties followed me—and escalated—throughout public schooling, and then continued in most of my employment. The only time I didn’t struggle in the workplace—but, in fact, excelled dramatically—were in those few positions wherein I was granted enormous amounts of latitude and autonomy. I was able to simply tackle the problems, solve them, tweak the systems to work better and better, or develop new systems—all without some manager(s) or supervisor(s) stopping me, getting in the way, trying to control me, being more concerned with their authority than with my getting the job done. 

And today, I’m struck by that same perplexity whenever the local elections roll around (I couldn’t tell you when that is)…suddenly, there are signs everywhere advertising people I’ve never heard of running for offices I’ve never heard of.

Again, it just doesn’t occur to me to seek permission from irrelevant people to live my life—or worse, to put someone else in charge of any important area(s) of my life. In fact, I’ve learned over my lifetime that the LESS anyone else is involved with my decisions, my life, my projects, whatever—the better. Getting others involved usually just mucks it all up. Just like when I was a kid, just like in public schools, just like in most of my jobs.

No thanks. I got this.

And that takes us to the current—or any other, really—presidential election. I watch, and simply cannot understand, as millions of people insist on putting someone else in charge of their lives, the nation, the economy, etc. Fight each other over who the new overlord will be, which authoritarian will best run the show for everyone.

Nobody seems to even remotely understand that the mere belief that putting someone in a position of power to handle, solve, fix their problems….IS the problem.

Again, watching the antics, the theater, the lunacy, I find myself in a perpetual state of perplexity. And this is why I can no longer engage in the debates that rage on in social media concerning any of it. None of it makes any sense, and I’m tired of debating people about it.

The inmates truly are running the asylum.

So, just like in my childhood, or in school, or at many of my jobs, all I can do is do my own thing, stay under the radar, and strive for as much autonomy as possible.

Sit back and watch, shaking my head, as Rome burns.

Where’s the marshmallows?

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