As of fiscal year 2020, the Trump administration has increased the federal budget by over $1.1T, to nearly $5T ($4.746T to be exact, whereas Obama’s final submitted budget (for fiscal 2017) was $3.644T).

If listed by GDP, that would make Washington the 5th richest economy in the world (per the IMF)—behind the US, the EU, China, and Japan, and just ahead of Germany.

(Imagine, if you will, the government suddenly announcing that the entire population of Japan would no longer have to work or produce anything to sustain themselves, instead they’ll be entirely supported by the US taxpayers…there’d be a revolution tomorrow! But that, essentially, is what’s happening with Washington: the US taxpayers are supporting, in its entirety, a town roughly the economic size of an entire nation the likes of Japan or Germany).

So the reality is that—aside from a few possible rare exceptions—politicians aren’t lining up to get elected to Washington so they can “change” or “fix” things there…they’re trying to get elected so they can dip their personal financial funnel into that unfathomable river of (stolen) wealth (and to increase it if possible).

So keep right on voting for them…

And meanwhile, keep right on wondering why the US economy is struggling (and soon to be surpassed by China), and why our standard of living continues to decline, and why there’s an emerging militarized police state along with a perpetual loss of individual rights and liberties (and very little, if any, remaining Constitutional protections), and keep wondering why there’s an unpayable $22T national debt (and rapidly growing), and a much higher and also unpayable $210T in unfunded liabilities, and never-ending wars abroad (with brand new wars looming on the horizon), and a long-debased and quickly collapsing currency

…and keep wondering why government schools have indoctrinated generations of children to be pro-authoritarian and subservient to/dependent upon the state, instead of educating them to be pro-liberty and self-thinking, self-reliant individuals…

…and finally: keep wondering why on earth they’re trying so diligently to disarm the American people (and succeeding in incremental ways, such as with medical marijuana patients, and now by attempting to take so-called “Red Flag” laws national, along with the banning of peripheral equipment such as bump stocks and high-capacity magazines).

So keep right on voting, and keep right on wondering why…and meanwhile, try to remember the famous saying:

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”

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