The following article was written by my Facebook friend Elizabeth Rae, and is published here with permission.

If gun control advocates actually cared about the loss of human life due to firearms, they would not be petitioning the US government to take action, they would boycott it just like they have any other corporation that goes against their”beliefs”.

Walmart didn’t provide the Mexican cartels the guns that killed hundreds in Mexico and an American border guard during fast and furious or wide receiver, the US government did.

The sporting goods chain stores didn’t initiate the Hernandez case, where “controlled delivery” put hundreds of guns in the hands of Mexican criminals, the US government did.

The local gun show didn’t provide the 100 guns smuggled across the border in the Medrano case, the US government did.

Same for arming the contra rebels, the Cuban exiles, the years of lead in Italy, the FSLN, ISIS, the Taliban, Plan Lazo in Colombia, the KLA……

They carelessly allowed tens of thousands of weapons fall into the hands of drug cartels, terrorists, and violent criminals.

When you take a look throughout history, and some of the most heinous mass genocides of citizens at the hands of their government dictatorship, they were all dependent upon disarmament of the people.

In 1926, the Soviets originally passed gun registration decrees and began disarming people. The collectivist attempt of Stalin led to the Holodomor.

NKVD/KGB troops destroyed crops and forcibly took food from people’s homes. This lead to millions dying of starvation.

The Soviet Union established gun control in 1929. What happened over the next 24 years was a political repression that resulted in the death of some 20 million dissidents.

China established gun control in 1935. The Communist revolution and Chinese Civil War soon followed, and another 20 million lost their lives.

Germany established gun control in 1938. The following 7 years, 13 million Jews were rounded up, placed into concentration camps and ultimately killed.

Uganda established gun control in 1970. Idi Amin Dada, known as the “butcher of Uganda”, killed 500,000 of his people. Most of them persecuted Christians.

In 1975, Khmer Rogue leader Pol Pot became prime minister of Cambodia. His brutal regime lead to the murder of more than 1 million of his own people. In particular, those who were the most educated.

History is not on the side of those that believe a population shouldn’t be well armed. This is why we “need” weaponry. When you don’t learn from history, you’re doomed to repeat it.

And remember, advocates of oppressive government aren’t “anti-gun”, they’re anti political opponents having guns.

Here’s some sobering reality we all need to face- Life is scary. It is tough, callous, fragile, and danger is all around us at all times. One of our earliest God given instincts is that of survival. Self preservation is, and always will be, up to us and us alone. Your government has little interest in this facet.

Freedom and safety are of equal importance, and it is not the duty of the state to provide us with either. The government does not, nor will it ever, have a vested interest in our protection. Mind you, the facts state that those Americans entrust with their protection, will murder more of its own citizens this year than any mass shooting.

People are nothing more than a financial resource to them at best, and an expandable liability and low cost prison labor at worst. They take every opportunity to exploit and extort every dollar they can from us with no return on “investment”.

This is a country that houses 22 percent of the world’s total prisoners, with 50 volumes of more than 23,000 pages of laws designed to criminalize the most perceived innocent of people who unknowingly commit several felonies a day just by living their life.

Americans are exhausted, overweight, and depressed due to the fact that they have to work 50-60 hours a week away from their family for a paycheck that’s taxed at 40% to be able to pay more taxes on top of it for property, food, necessities, transportation, etc.

All of that money stolen in return for an infrastructure system that’s literally crumbling, an education system that’s failing, wars that will never be “won”, sickcare that’s disguised as “healthcare”, and en ever expanding government that looks at you with contempt because it sees you as nothing more than a common criminal. Yeah, sign me up for more of that shit.

So the American family are so stressed and overworked they have no time or patience to properly parent, or the family becomes broken and the children themselves become addicts because they were never taught right from wrong.

Look at the overdose crisis. That’s their solution to your “problems”, get you addicted to their drugs to mask the fact that you’re miserable and depressed until you die an early death or work until you expire because social security is a joke.

THIS, this is what causes people to commit acts of mass murder. Look back to their families and their upbringing. All broken.

So if you’re obtuse enough to believe the government ever had or ever will have your best interest in mind, you are sadly mistaken and deserve what you get and everything that goes along with their “safety”.

Mind you, this is what they’re getting away with while the citizenry are still well armed. Just wait until you see what happens once there’s no way to fight back.

So, “safety or security?”, the only acceptable answer is more guns and less government.

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