The other day, I ate what will likely be my last McRib sandwich.

I’ve always loved the McRib—even though yes, I’m aware that it’s highly processed, not really even a slab of real meat, but still—I love ’em, and whenever they’re available here in town, I’ll indulge them a few times before they’re once again mysteriously removed from the menu.

And last month, they were back! So I stopped in one day, and bought one, for the first time in a couple of years. But surprisingly, I didn’t enjoy it. Didn’t really even like it…it was okay I guess (except for the bun, which was downright awful) but definitely not something I’d make an effort, or special trip, to get hold of….weird.

But then it hit me: my dietary changes over the past few years…!

There are many processed foods I used to love—hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, peanut butter sandwiches—which I’ve missed badly since changing my diet and lifestyle a few years ago, and that I occasionally found myself longing for. But surprisingly—like the McRib I had last month—the last few times I relented, and bought the unhealthy food and indulged for one evening…I didn’t like them! I mean, I couldn’t see myself ever going back to eating that crap, it tasted so awful, and made me feel so bad afterward, after just a few years of eating whole, natural, real, healthy food. Those premium Hebrew National bun-length kosher beef franks I used to love? Last time I splurged and picked some up to enjoy once again, I could barely choke them down. And I especially couldn’t tolerate the bread—even though they were whole-wheat buns, that I used to love!

I just couldn’t believe I ever used to eat that stuff, let alone love it and crave it!

Anyway, I experienced the same thing with the McRib last month, and will probably never eat one again.

All this demonstrates that your tastes do change over time…

Another good example of this phenomenon is soda: when you switch from regular to diet soda (as I did decades ago), you can hardly stand how the diet sodas taste, that odd chemical taste rather than sweetness…but over time, you get used to it, then one day you revert back to a regular soda and YUCK! it’s so sweet you can’t even drink it—and then you wonder how you ever drank them before!

And, in my case, I’ve gone even further and quit diet soda (well, 95% anyway), in favor of electrolyte water, bottled water w/lemon, or organic green tea…and now, I can hardly stand to choke down Diet Coke—which I used to drink all day long! I even craved it! And now, even Diet Mt. Dew—my favorite for nearly two decades—is beginning to taste a little strange, and so I rarely drink that anymore, either.

The point is, if you do decide to start eating healthy, nutritious food—even vegetables (yuck!)—and it all seems unpalatable and difficult at first, fear not—eventually, your taste buds and body will adjust, and the healthy food will start to taste so good and make you feel so much better, you’ll wonder how you ever ate all that processed crap for all those years in the first place!

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