I’m excited to announce that on Friday, June 17, 2016, I released my new book, Rolling The Bones: 12 Tales of Life, Death, Loss, & Redemption! The book is published in trade paperback (490 pages), and a Kindle version is also now available.

Book Description:

Sometimes we win
Sometimes we lose
But every day
We roll the bones…

Considered “dark fiction”, Rolling The Bones is a collection of twelve short stories and novellas I wrote over a period of nearly 20 years.

As the title suggests, the stories span multiple genres: ghost stories, horror, psychological suspense, weird/twilight zone, coming-of-age, sexual deviance, drama…it’s all in there, there’s something for everyone!

The stories are highly character-driven: everyday people, dealing with everyday life–but experiencing extraordinary circumstances and/or strange phenomena along the way…

With psychological and/or supernatural/otherly elements keeping the reader guessing, many of the stories subtly connected, and the entire work steeped in an intellectual ambiance–Rolling The Bones is a mentally stimulating and thought-provoking read to be sure!

Or, as one reader put it: “Rand Eastwood is rapidly becoming the thinking man’s horror author!”

And, spanning multiple genres and over 600 pages, Rolling The Bones is not just a book, it’s an experience!

So order your copy of Rolling The Bones today, and embark on a fascinating, dark (and sometimes disturbing) journey…!

The Traveler (Award Winner)
A Sweet Ride (Reader Favorite)
Hell or High Water
Forever Anna Day (Novella, Award Winner)
Request Denied (Reader Favorite)
The Crossing (Novella)
A Bearable Darkness of Being
Roughing It (Novella)
The Calling
This Old House
CATS: the number of the beast (Award-Winning Short Story, Now a Short Novel)

About The Stories:

Beginning with my very first short story, A Sweet Ride, penned in 2000 (and still a reader favorite to this day), I soon thereafter completed my first novella, Roughing It.

A few years later, my story The Traveler won first place in an international short fiction competition. The following year, my short story version of Forever Anna Day (which I’ve since expanded to a novella) won honorable mention in the same competition. My fun little “B-Flick” horror story Cats (not the musical) then placed as a finalist in Writer’s Digest’s 79th Annual Writing Competition. Cats has been my most popular Kindle single on Amazon, and has since been expanded to a short novel entitled CATS: the number of the beast, as is still included in its entirety in Rolling The Bones.

I’ve since written many other stories, several of which are published in this collection, including Hell or High Water, A Bearable Darkness of Being, The Calling, This Old House, CHAMBERS, and my most recent novella, The Crossing, upon which my extensive novel-in-process (working title Primeval) is based.

Please take a moment to check out Rolling The Bones on Amazon, and order your copy today! Thanks!

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