Recently, a female friend of mine shared the following meme on Facebook:

Fix His Plate Meme

According to the commentary she included when she shared it, she disagreed:

“Um…no. How about I love and respect my man in any way I please. If he didn’t like how I treated him, he wouldn’t have married me. You do you and I’ll do me, and my relationship isn’t any of your business. I do nice things for him all the time. Just ask him…”

And of course, I totally agree with her sentiment; people’s personal relationships are the business of the individuals involved, and nobody else.

So why do I bring this up? Well, because the young lady who wrote that is a proud supporter of Bernie Sanders—a self-proclaimed socialist (I don’t believe I need to further explain what that means). Also, in the past, she was a vocal advocate of forcing business owners to do business with those whom they choose not to, for whatever their reason—which is obviously a blatant violation of the rights, liberty, privacy, and property of business owners.

So knowing this about her—then reading her commentary on the above meme—it becomes difficult to ignore the hypocrisy, does it not?

However, I did manage to ignore it, at least on her Facebook post; I’ve learned from past experience that spending time and energy attempting to engage her in any type of philosophical, political, sociological, or economical discourse is quite the futile endeavor.

But I thought it a wonderful analysis to present on my blog…

I would think that most people, if not everyone, would readily agree that their own relationships are private affairs, subject to their own beliefs, needs, desires, decisions, actions, etc.—and that others should stay out of them, as they’re none of their business; and in turn, most would agree they should stay out of the private relationships of others, as they’re none of their business, either.

And I think it’s safe to say that most, if not all, would likewise designate other important areas of their lives—such as their property, business dealings, finances, and bank accounts—as private and sacrosanct, not to be intruded upon by others, not subjected to the beliefs, desires, whims, or demands of others—and especially not accessible to theft by others.

On the other hand, how many are willing to grant this same level of respect to the property, business dealings, finances, and bank accounts of others? Well obviously, those who support Bernie Sanders—or really any politician involved in, or candidate running for, the corrupt political system which plagues the US today—are unwilling to do so; in fact, it seems that to them, it’s quite acceptable to blatantly violate the rights, liberty, privacy, and property of others, and they think nothing of it—even while at the same time demanding that others respect and and steer clear of their own.

The hypocrisy is astounding.

In order to make this point, I crafted the below comment in response to my friend’s post—but I refrained from sharing it with her, both in the interest of preserving our relationship, and in recognition of the futility in doing so. Instead, I decided to turn it into this blog article, which I can share with everyone—likely a much more effective effort on my part:

“Yes. You are absolutely correct. People should stay out of the relationships of others—just as they should stay out of the property of others, the business dealings of others, the finances of others, and the bank accounts of others—as these are all nobody else’s business. This is precisely why I don’t vote. Once one understands that the rights, liberty, and property of individuals are not to be violated—even by government, even with majority consent—then one realizes the immorality of such intent, and the criminality of such action—and further, the immorality and criminality of supporting such intent and advocating such action, aka voting.”

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