I continue to be amazed at how easily people stray into the fallacy of collectivist thinking.

They may be spot on about free-market capitalism, and they may actively promote liberty, which is good—but then they continue to fallaciously categorize others into groups—be it nationality, religious affiliation, race, gender, sexual preference, you name it—then judge the entire group one way or another.

By doing so, their entire argument for human rights, liberty, and capitalism—which is not a system, but a natural phenomenon, the result of liberty—falls apart, because ultimately, they project their belief that only certain individuals have the right to liberty, or have any rights at all, dependent upon the particular group or category to which those individuals are perceived to belong.

And this fallacious thinking is easy to spot; the thoughtless use of typical collectivist terms such as “we” or “us” or “them” populating their rhetoric instantly reveals them to be collectivist in their thinking, and therefore not true advocates of human rights and liberty—which is always based on the individual, and never on any particular group or category.

Until one ascends beyond collectivist thinking, and understands that all individuals stand on their own merit, and have the same rights as everyone else (until they themselves forfeit them through their own decisions and actions), then one cannot honestly or accurately promote human rights and liberty, and the resulting phenomenon of capitalism.

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