A recent thought:

The advent of the Internet, cell phone networks, social media, and the prevalence of cameras & video cameras everywhere has created a unique condition in human history: for the first time ever, the natural insulating barrier of geography—forcing people to mind their own business, and better enabling people to secure their own privacy, as well as inducing general ignorance of the opinions of irrelevant others—has suddenly been removed.

Thus, the chaos and vitriol of social media.

Somehow, people are going to have to learn how to consciously mind their own business, and to secure their own privacy, and particularly to keep their private business to themselves—as well as how to disregard the opinions of irrelevant others about them, their ideas, their choices, their business, their lives.

In this new, universally interconnected world, people suddenly need to learn to re-establish an appropriate degree of disconnectedness.

Seems mindfulness is the key here; but will it take root, and spread? Or will the current chaos and vitriol remain the norm for the foreseeable future?