The following video was so packed full of highly valuable information—about what to do, what not to do, what to say or not say, how to take control of the situation when/if you’re pulled over by a road pirate, in order to protect yourself, your rights, and your property and money—I didn’t see any way around sharing it.

Herein the venerable Tom Woods speaks with Eddie Craig, former Deputy Sheriff (Texas) and current host at Rule of Law Radio, about how the officers are trained to conduct the entire scenario in such a way as to convince—trick, really—us into volunteering information and—without our even being aware we’ve done so—voluntarily wave our rights.

For example, in Texas you have the right to carry a gun in the vehicle; but if a cop asks you if you have any guns in the vehicle, and you say yes, the cop will get you out of the car, take your gun and scan it into the system. You are now linked to that gun, even if it’s not registered to you.

And of course there’s the one we’ve all heard: “Do you know why I stopped you?” This is the officer’s first attempt to trick you into admitting guilt. Another simple question: “Where are you coming from?” is another, which could be followed up with “Oh, were you drinking there? Were there drugs there?” Do you have anything in the car you should tell me about? That sort of thing.

Craig also offers a “Transportation Stop” action script online, which he encourages people to download and memorize, as it will help protect you, your rights, and your property, by enabling you to remain in control of the situation, frustrate the officer’s attempts to manipulate you, and force the officer to obey the law.

Good stuff!

I highly recommend everyone listen to this valuable podcast: When The Police Pull You Over

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