I find quantum mechanics so fascinating…

This quick little video demonstrates how experiments in quantum mechanics have shown that the mere observation of the experiment changes its outcome. In other words, consciousness impacts, and alters, physical laws and properties.

Now, this is where some take the leap to “The Law of Attraction”, and proceed to make a fortune convincing people that if they simply think about something long and hard enough, it’ll happen.

I don’t take that leap.

What I do believe, however, based on such discoveries in quantum mechanics, is that there is, in fact, another realm, outside of the physical; call it consciousness, God, spirit, Tao, The Universe, Source, energy, what have you—there exists a non-physical realm which impacts the physical, and we’re all immersed within it, connected to it somehow.

But before we were able to conduct these experiments in quantum mechanics and scientifically demonstrate the existence of this realm, the only evidence we had of its existence was human intuition. And, based on this intuition, people around the world ascribed various names and constructs—each provincial, or unique to the region—to what we are now discovering is a universal phenomenon.

However, science does not change depending upon region or culture; so what various cultures in various regions may be calling “God” (or whichever label they’ve ascribed), science may, in fact, be calling energy.

A simple illustration I’ve always liked: Ask a religious leader what God is: “God always has been, aways will be, God created everything, and God cannot be destroyed.” Now ask a physicist what energy is: “Energy always has been, always will be, everything is made of energy, and energy cannot be destroyed.”

Perhaps this is why energy particles are referred to as “the God particle.”

So, this is why I reference “The Universe” in my writings (although “The Tao” seems to adequately encompass the concept as well); around the world, people have given different names and descriptions to it, but I prefer an overarching conceptualization.

And when people argue over which God is the real god, the right God, I ponder: If each individual is unique—different, in myriad ways, than every other—and if God is all powerful, omniscient, unlimited—why is it such a difficult concept to accept that perhaps God presents Him/Her/Itself differently to each individual, according to that individual’s needs, abilities, desires, beliefs?

This is why I boil the entire religious construct down to the basic elements of good and evil, and expand the conceptualization of God up to an overarching, universal element, rather than dividing everything up among differing constructs, rituals, labels, concepts, cultures, etc, upon which nobody can seem to agree.

But, back to the video; watch it, it’s fascinating:

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