My book Rolling The Bones: 12 tales of Life, Death, Loss, & Redemption is available online in trade paperback (490 pgs) from AmazonBarnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, and Abebooks, and is also now available on Kindle.

Following are reader reviews of the book, and some of the individual stories included in the collection:

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Rolling The Bones (collection)

Absolute Must Read! Eastwood has really gone above and beyond with this compilation of short stories. Each one stands on its own, and each one provides a unique perspective into a well-crafted, eerily similar world to the one we inhabit. Characters manage to make appearances across stories, weaving them all together into a fantastic tapestry of human emotion and experience. Stories like Forever Anna Day and The Crossing are fabulously detailed and masterfully crafted without oversaturating the pages with exposition or unnecessary dialogue. The Crossing, in particular, had me on the edge of my seat and eager to into the world Eastwood has crafted for us readers. Request Denied is a well-written short story with an ending I absolutely would not have guessed and genuinely shocked me when I read it. With a dedication to tell human stories framed with hints of the metaphysical, this really is an excellent compilation work that everyone would benefit from reading. In a word, Rand Eastwood has nailed it. I’ve recommended this to everyone I know.” ~ Nova (Amazon Reviewer)

Great reading! When one finds a book that is as revealing of life’s intricacies as much as it surprises the senses with its finely crafted writing and detailed nuances, one has found a treasured addition to their library. This is such a book for me. Accessible and edgy, with startling clarity, this book is a joy to read. With common threads running throughout, the stories artfully and subtly link to one another, yet stand alone on their own as well.” ~ Erin Maria (Amazon Reviewer)

Read This Book – I Mean It! The stories in this book are not so much ‘written’ as ‘masterfully woven into a tapestry’. Each stands on its own feet, but I was intrigued by the way the characters appeared in various ways in each others’ tales. They vary in tone, but all have a dark and edgy side. Some are chilling, like ‘Roughing It’, while others leave you in a state of shock like ‘Request Denied’. I read the book while on a cross-country trip and didn’t quite get through it during stops and breaks, so I had my wife read the last few pages of the final story aloud to me as drove we through the mountains. She was sufficiently horrified that she feared she would have nightmares from that small exposure. Rand Eastwood writes with an honesty that is seldom seen. I suspect that most authors hide their inner darkness in order to avoid scaring away potential readers, but Rand puts his heart on the page and then proceeds to smash it. If you’re a sensitive or easily offended person you might want to give this one a pass, but I highly recommend it for anyone who’s tired of mass-market drivel. An awesome summer read.” ~ Steve Forbes (Amazon Reviewer)

Blown away by Rand’s stories! I’ve purchased and just begun reading the Kindle version of Rand’s work, and I’m blown away. The language, the structure and the passion are off the scales as far as I’m concerned. I’m a writer (not of anything you’d know) and I’m in awe of Rand’s work here. Working hard at *not* reading it all in one setting – have to amend that – it’s a compilation of stories, and I *cannot* put it down until each story is through – but I’m going to savor each story on its own merit, and delay the now-seems-to-be-inevitable disappointment at the finish of the book. Also, seriously thinking about contacting Rand for an autographed copy now, only the second time in my 60 years I’ve done that. Great work, Rand! ~ terrylm (Amazon Reviewer)

This is your only chance to say you were into Rand Eastwood before he became a household name. Grab this book and dig in. You’ll get lost in imaginative tales that explore every facet of the human experience, never flinching away from the dark parts but celebrating the best we have to offer.” ~ Cureholder (Amazon Reviewer)

I happen to like cats. Every story was strangely familiar but not in a way you could ever put your finger on. Characters and places so average you know them, but don’t remember how or why. So many fun twists and turns in each tale and you’re sure if you keep going one after another you’ll end up right in the lives of these people. You keep trying to take time between each one to relish it more fully, eventually becoming a reading binge that takes you way too far past your bedtime to finish the last few in a frenzy only to find yourself heatedly cursing the author and making a pointed reminder to throw his book right AT HIM for the last story. Right. At. Him. Mr. Creepy Story writer. That wouldn’t be very nice. But I thought about it. 10/10 would get heebyjeebies again.” ~ N. H. (Amazon Reviewer)

Excellent Reading. Loved this book by Rand Eastwood…each story draws you in farther…until you just want to keep reading to get to the next one. Looking forward to more of the same from a promising writer!!” ~ miked (Amazon Reviewer)

“Love the common threads that run throughout. Nice touch. And a reminder just how small this world really is; how connected we truly are…they are like nice little surprises tucked away within. In that regard I could totally see this as a screenplay & movie. Tantalizing connections and just a deep brutal honesty throughout that everyone can relate to.” ~ E. M., Portland, OR

“Your book was unexpectedly darker than I thought…I am enjoying it, parts of it were wrenching my heart out last night! I love it when someones writing can do that to me!” ~ S. W., St. Kenosha, Wisconsin

“Just had the chance to read your book while vacationing in the cape. After the first few pages I couldn’t put it down! Now my wife is reading it! Great Job Rand! I look forward to your next one!” ~ R. R., Brookline, MA

“I bought it, I read it, and I loved it. I’m not even the fiction / drama type, but his writing style and plot turns were pretty damn good. I’d say the 5 star rating is well deserved, and I’m a pretty harsh book critic.” ~ M. V., Pensacola, FL

Not at all predictable. Rand Eastwood is an imaginative storyteller. His stories have original plots and unexpected outcomes. You just never know what to expect. His work is beautifully edited. I don’t recall ever finding typos or grammatical errors. The stories in this collection are very well done – just as I’ve come to expect from Mr. Eastwood:

The TravelerI’ve read and reviewed this story previously. It’s very well written with a lesson on looking for something better in life and coming to find you already have everything you could ever want and the extreme situation you might have to survive to make that discovery.

A Sweet RideThis was my favorite story in this collection and all I can really say is, “What a trip?” This one freaked me out a little. I didn’t see it coming and I was truly surprised. Awesome!

A Fly in the Chardonnay [now a scene in the novella Roughing It] – Very sad. Chad is a great kid. The character development is impeccable.

Baker’s Dozen [now a scene in the novella The Crossing] – I didn’t like the way this one ended. It was too abrupt for me. I wanted the story to continue. Another story with very likable and believable characters.

The CallingThe Calling is great. Talk about paranoid; Jill’s got it bad. Great characters. Loved the storyline, especially the vacuuming. Bang!

CatsI liked this one the least of all, but that’s just a personal thing. I like cats and it was a little bizarre for me. It’s still a good story. I liked the way the old man spoke – made me smile.

None of the stories in this collection ended the way I expected and I was satisfied with resolution of all the stories save one. The Baker’s Dozen [now a scene in the novella The Crossing] ended too abruptly for me. I recommend this collection and I will absolutely read Rand Eastwood’s work again.” ~ Rhonda (Amazon Reviewer)

The Traveler

(First Place, International Short Fiction Competition, Carpe Articulum Literary Review)

“This piece was strong because it takes the reader through the experiences much the same way that a screenwriter ushers you through a film. You see pieces scene-by-scene, and in a way that makes you feel as if you are truly experiencing the events as they unfold. I especially thought the use of a non-linear timeline was effective in this story. That is not an easy accomplishment, and in most cases, lands the piece in the “round file” (rubbish bin). Here, however, the writer takes a gamble and it works for him. It is a mature piece with a particularly believable protagonist.” ~ H. R. L. Broscova, Editor-In-Chief, Carpe Articulum Literary Review

Remarkable and thought provoking short story. I love this story. It is very well written and I very much like the way it’s written. The story folds in on itself adding emphasis to certain thoughts and memories. The story itself is a reminder of what is truly valuable in life and how, unfortunately, sometimes it takes something nearly catastrophic to remind us of such. The characters are very well drawn for such a short story. The dialogue is well written and believable. I highly recommend The Traveler. It’s perfect for a lunch break or a just-before-bed story. It was a 5-star read for me.” ~ Rhonda (Amazon Reviewer)

Wow fantastic! So very vivid, and I love the way you structure the story.” – K. L., Plainfield, IN

Cats (not the musical) 

(Finalist, Writer’s Digest 79th Annual Writing Competition)

Good stuff! I downloaded it as a free book a week or so ago and wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise I found Cats to be a fun, creepy story that is pretty well written. I highly recommend it.” ~ Blackbird (Amazon Reviewer)

One meal away… I am an avid feline lover and was amused by this story. It is well thought of and comes across as if it could really happen. After reading this I couldn’t help but think it would be justice for all those people who abuse animals. It is original and well written.” ~ Amazon Customer (Amazon Reviewer)

Not what I thought… Interesting little short story. I love kitties and this story has a different vibe. Creepy, but good. The mental image the story painted was vibrant. Good story. ~ Dirtycatpaws (Amazon Reviewer)

(Cats (not the musical) is also available on Amazon as a Kindle Single)

A Sweet Ride

Worth checking out. I downloaded this for free after enjoying his other book, Cats. I found A Sweet Ride to be even better. Although perhaps not as fun as Cats, it was a better written story and I highly recommend it.” ~ Blackbird (Amazon Reviewer)

“I read it once, then went back and read it again…the imagery is astounding.” ~ K. M., Indianapolis, IN

“This was my favorite story in this collection and all I can really say is, “What a trip?” This one freaked me out a little. I didn’t see it coming and I was truly surprised. Awesome!” ~ Rhonda (Amazon Reviewer)

Request Denied

I just finished ‘Request Denied’…I’m not sure how long it will take to recover from that one…[it] got me good.” ~ S.F., British Columbia, Canada

The Crossing

“…the other night (when I got through The Crossing), I got in bed at 1am with the intent of reading for half an hour. Four hours later, I finally forced myself to put the book down and get some sleep before work…” ~A. C., Fort Bragg, NC

The Calling

The Calling is great. Talk about paranoid; Jill’s got it bad. Great characters. Loved the storyline, especially the vacuuming. Bang!” ~ Rhonda (Amazon Reviewer)

Roughing It

“Eastwood’s stuff makes Stephen King look like nursery rhymes!” ~ C. W., Houston TX

Forever Anna Day

“[I] read Forever Anna Day, and I about cried at the end. You, sir, are a wordsmith.” ~ A. C., Fort Bragg, NC

“Got through ‘Forever Anna Day,’ and I don’t know if I hate you more than I hate George R. R. Martin or not.” ~ S. W., St. Kenosha, WI


“Kind of creepy, pretty messed up…I liked it. Pretty decently written, interesting story. Unsettling thoughts provoked at the end. I only bought this book because I was nearing desperation in finding something to read, having wasted money on several promising books that didn’t live up to expectations. I’m glad I did buy this. Great for a quick, disturbing read.” ~ Jimmy Reed (Amazon Reviewer)

So be sure to order your copy of Rolling The Bones: 12 tales of Life, Death, Loss, & Redemption today! Available in trade paperback from Amazon (also now available on Kindle), Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, and Abebooks.

At nearly 500 pages and spanning multiple genres, it’s sure to bring anyone hours of reading pleasure!