As with many others I’m sure, my daily life has been disrupted in many ways since the tyrannical government lockdowns, and the shockingly complacent compliance of businesses and the general populace.

In fact, things have gotten so bad here, I’ve seriously considered relocating to a free(er) state, that didn’t/isn’t locked down, or that hasn’t mandated idiotic/insane (not to mention entirely ineffective and thus pointless) personal behavior and business policies, assuming that any such environment exists anywhere at this point.

I’ve already written of some of this, such as the depression I’ve been battling, the struggles I see for gyms to stay in business in the future, and how my position about all of this has been, since the outset, that it’s not the government’s decision to make, it’s up to each individual how to respond to current events.

But the other day, I sat down and itemized as much of the prevailing idiocy, ridiculousness, and downright insanity that I could think of that has negatively impacted my life, and thought I’d share:

Local Casinos

I recently received a promotional mailer from one of the big casino chains here (Las Vegas), because they’re supposed to be “allowed” to re-open next week. In it, they listed all the “safety measures” they’re implementing in response to the virus scare, including maintaining no more than 50% of maximum capacity, regularly sanitizing the chips and cards, maintaining “social distancing” between slot machines and even at the table games, constant staff sanitation throughout the facility, and all employees being required to wear face masks.

Wow—talk about totally destroying the festive environment that attracts so many players!

Anyway, they also listed a rather disconcerting new policy: they’ll be “scanning” all patrons as they enter, and if they register a body temperature of 100.4 or higher (less than 2 degrees above average), they’ll be refuse entry, and will be “directed towards appropriate heath care” (whatever the heck THAT’S supposed to mean…!)

And, keep in mind that outdoor temps are running in the triple digits—and are even higher on the asphalt roads and parking lots—so if you happen to get slightly overheated out in the desert heat on your way to the casino, you might as well turn around and go home…because if you happen to set off their temperature scanner, you won’t be allowed to enter, and who knows what else they’ll do to you!

So, needless to say, I won’t be visiting any casinos in that chain—or any others, for that matter—at least as long as they have such ridiculous policies in place.

I simply refuse to play this idiotic game.

(But that’s okay, I rarely visit casinos anyway—just the buffets, where I can eat relatively healthy food on the cheap—and the buffets won’t be re-opening yet…if ever).

Public Library

I’ve also lost access to the public library (I was once told by the lady at the reference desk that I’m their top patron), due to the insane policies they’ve put in place upon re-opening, such as curbside pickup only, staff wearing masks, gloves, and “protective vests” (what??), and you have to make an appointment to pick up your reservations, park in a designated area, open your trunk (my truck doesn’t have a trunk), and remain in your vehicle while the staff member practically dressed in riot gear delivers the books into your trunk and flees. And, all returns will be “quarantined” for 4 days before being checked in off your account.

They don’t seem to understand that speed and efficiency (time savings/hassle free) is why I reserve my books on line and pick them up on my way home from work in the first place. Now, that’s all been rendered impossible, due to the prevailing idiocy.

So, needless to say, I’ve cancelled all my reserves, and will no longer be visiting the public library, at least as long as they have such ridiculous policies in place.

I simply refuse to play this idiotic game.

I have instead resorted to buying used books on eBay or Amazon, which has greatly reduced my access to books.

Fitness Club

The gym I belonged to voluntarily closed all of its facilities the week before the governor unlawfully ordered them closed (and, conveniently enough, 3 days after debiting my credit card for my monthly payment).

Now, since I view voluntary stupidity differently than stupidity forced at gunpoint, I’ve since cancelled my membership for breach of contract.

I’ve since received notification of the “safety measures” they’ll be implementing upon being “allowed” to re-open, which include mandatory appointments (one hour) to work out, due to limited member occupancy, spreading the workout equipment out into other rooms (such as the gym) for social distancing (and asking those who wanted to use those parts of the facility to understand and respect the safety of other members), and CLOSING OF THE FACILITY at regular intervals throughout the day for full sanitation (don’t worry, they’ll announce the closures ahead of time so we can all collect our stuff in the middle of our workout and get the fuck out so they can clean). I’ve also heard that the state is mandating that the locker rooms remain closed, even after the facilities have reopened.

I don’t see how anyone would be able to work out regularly under those conditions.

So, needless to say, I won’t be returning to that gym—or any others, for that matter—at least as long as they have such ridiculous policies in place.

I simply refuse to play this idiotic game.


I’ve been a member of Costco for years. Two years ago, I upgraded to Executive Member, which pays back 2% of purchases, and last year I acquired a Costco Visa, which pays back an additional 1% to 4%, depending on the purchase.

A sizable portion of my shopping is done at Costco, especially bulk meats.

And, in March, I spent close to $1,000 stocking two freezers at home with frozen foods, in anticipation of potential—if not probably—food shortages coming down the pike due to the unwarranted business shutdowns/tyrannical government lockdowns across the nation.

But then Costco announced that as of May 4th, they would be mandating face masks be worn by anyone entering the facility, otherwise entry would be denied. I emailed them through their website pointing out their erroneous policy, and threatening to cancel my Executive Membership after years of loyal patronage if they continued. I’ve not heard back, nor have they lifted the face mask requirement, even after the CDC downgraded the danger of COVID-19 to approximately that of the seasonal flu, perhaps even less so, and has also announced that it isn’t easily spread by touching shared surfaces.

So, needless to say, I won’t be returning to Costco to shop, at least as long as they have such ridiculous policies in place.

I simply refuse to play this idiotic game.

Tanning Salon

I work outdoors in the desert sun, and it’s important that I obtain a “base tan” during the spring, before the summer season, in order to prevent getting royally sunburned on the job. And each year, I pay hundreds of dollars in advance to be able do so at my local tanning salon.

But this spring, during that critical time, the governor unlawfully ordered all tanning salons closed—which makes no sense whatsoever, as UV light kills the virus, the beds are all in single-use rooms, and are all already thoroughly sanitized between uses. Tanning salons are literally one of the safest places one could visit during this virus scare, fake or not.

So I was not able to get a base tan before the desert summer sun set in, and as a result I not only lost money, but have been battling sunburn on the job.

A friend of mine owns the tanning salon I frequent, and she’s expressed to me that she may close shop for good, it depends on how the month of June goes (tanning salons were “allowed” to re-open this past Friday, as long as they adhere to all the ridiculous safety mandates). She may go out of business, and there are no other tanning salons in my area (many were driven out of business by Obamacare, which levied a 10% tax on tanning salons). If she does go out of business, it will be much more difficult for me to tan in coming years as a springtime preventative measure against an almost assured sunburn on the job when the desert summer hits.

In the future, I may no longer have the option of going to a tanning salon, thanks to all this idiocy.

I Say I Refuse To Play, But It’s Really Not A Game, It’s Very Serious

Though I keep saying I refuse to play this ridiculous, idiotic, insane game that everyone else seems to be so ready and willing to play, it’s really not a game, it’s very, very serious, as upwards of half of the small businesses across the country are reporting that they will have to shut down permanently.

Sickness Psychosis (or, Corona Derangement Syndrome)

Though I’ve described these ongoing events as “surreal”, “idiotic”, “ridiculous”, “insane”, etc.,—and I’m concerned about future ramifications if rational minds don’t prevail and some semblance of sanity returns to our society soon—perhaps, until now, I’d not properly assessed the seriousness of what’s happening, as Eric Peters conveys in a recent article entitled Open Letter to a Fear Mask Pusher:

“Seeing “sick” people everywhere fosters the false impression of danger everywhere. This creates mental sickness—a neurotic fear of getting sick. Which makes people miserable as they cringe in fear of “germs” and “dirty” door knobs and accepting of being treated like lepers. Or rather, leprous cattle.

Sickness Psychosis is sad enough when it afflicts a few people. . .but when an entire society is pressured to emulate the behavior and—inevitably—assume the bizarre routines and rituals of mentally ill people? How sad. How pathetic. How dangerous.”

“There is no end to this, once the principle of presumption is accepted. This whole business is diabolically clever in the way it has weaponized fear, demoralized people and turned so many of of them into people who are not only desperate to signal their misplaced virtue by bending knee to arbitrary authority—but demand we all bend knee to it.

Solzhenitsyn wrote about this—warned about this—that most people won’t do evil things unless they can be convinced that evil things are good things. As in, it’s a good thing to deport the Kulaks. It is also worth noting that the German Nazis regarded Jews and other enemies of the regime as a biological threat to the regime; as bacilli that had to be exterminated in the name of hygiene.

Of course, most people have never read Solzhenitsyn—and the only thing they know about Nazis is the cartoonish image of goose-stepping stormtroopers and that they were “racists.”

They may soon get a refresher course in both.”

Collective Hysteria: Worse Than The Disease Itself

In an interview on BBC Radio 4’s World at One, Lord Sumption explained how the world is descending into authoritarianism:

“The real problem is that when human societies lose their freedom, it’s not usually because tyrants have taken it away, it’s usually because people willingly surrender that freedom in return for protection against some external threat. And the threat is usually a real threat, but usually exaggerated. And that’s what I fear we are seeing now. The pressure on politicians has come from the public, they want action, they don’t pause to ask whether the action will work, they don’t ask themselves whether the cost will be worth paying, they want action anyway. And anyone who has studied history will recognize here the classic symptoms of collective hysteria. Hysteria is infectious. We are working ourselves up into a lather in which we exaggerate the threat and stop asking ourselves whether the cure may be worse then the disease.”

“We have to recognize that this is how societies become despotisms.”

Take a listen:

Tyranny…At Least For The Law-Abiding

Tucker Carlson has also weighed in, demonstrating that the entire corona derangement syndrome is just that—the media, along with government officials, drumming up a false pandemic and literally lying to the American people about it, and the people believed them—at the cost of countless jobs, businesses, lives, and general economic catastrophe—not to mention the loss of our rights and liberties moving forward.

And, in daring to state the truth about the fake pandemic, his program has reportedly lost sponsors. In retaliation, I would call for all Americans to stop supporting any of the sponsors who have pulled out in response to the truth, such as Disney and T-Mobile.

Here is the episode:


When the Corona virus began to emerge as a serious issue, especially here in the U.S., I started looking into it—and was astonished to find absolutely NO science, facts, or data that suggested the virus is any worse than the seasonal flu!

And yet, we’ve witnessed collective hysteria, government lockdowns, massive economic destruction, millions losing their jobs and shuttering their businesses, and potential food shortages and civil unrest still approaching on the horizon…along with a “new normal” that more resembles a fascist police state (or perhaps an idiocracy) than anything even close to what I would call a free or rational society.

And this has all been propagated by the media, government officials/bureaucrats, and the ignorant masses—with no facts, no science, no data to substantiate any of it.

So not only has my life been vastly disrupted—and likely permanently—so have the lives, businesses, livelihoods, and the last remaining vestiges of freedom of most of the people around the world.

And for what? Well, as it turns out, nothing at all.

So, have I been wrong to use the terms “surreal”, “idiotic”, “ridiculous”, “insane”, etc., in describing the current state of affairs?

I think not.

Which is why I refuse to play this idiotic game.

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