Besides writing, blogging, graphic design, playing drums, hosting my upcoming podcast, and delving into various creative home projects and crafts, I also have a very diverse work history.

I spent the first 15 years of my adult life working in manufacturing (Indianapolis, IN), everything from general machine shop to shipping/receiving & warehouse; machine design/R&D; purchasing & inventory control; product BOM/costing; technical writing (equipment user & parts manuals); marketing literature & ad design; basically, you name it, I did it.

I’ve also garnered some experience in retail management, managing a video store for a couple of years (Indy Video, the 2nd largest chain in Indianapolis behind Blockbuster).  During that time, I also became Indy Video’s manager trainer, and helped the owner open 3 new stores. I’ve since worked as Tool & Hardware Lead and Shift Manager for Sears Hardware (Avon, IN) and Shift Manager for Borders Bookstore (McCarran Airport, Las Vegas), as well as other routine jobs such as stocking and inventory. I even toured people and sold memberships at a large sports facility one summer while in flight school in Houston.

Since then, I’ve delved into independent contracting, working in areas such property maintenance, satellite dish installation, and of course the past several years I’ve been working as a CPO (Certified Pool & Spa Operator), performing swimming pool and spa service and repairs here in Las Vegas. Presently, I’ve been working odd jobs—both contract pool service and/or maintenance work and freelance graphic design work—as I focus on writing my novel.

I have considerable computer experience (both PC & Mac), including multiple word processing applications, and some 25 years of experience in graphic design, using Corel products (beginning with version 3.1 way back in 1992). I also do a little web design on the side (I design/maintain this blog, using WordPress), and can do basic HTML/CSS customization.

So, that about sums up my work experience—at least everything worth mentioning. Stuff like working at McDonalds from age 16 to 18, or waiting tables here and there, or delivering pizza while in flight school, etc., are probably not really worth including here…buy hey—experience is experience, right?

Anyway, for those interested, particularly potential employers, here’s a PDF version of my résumé (due to the public nature of this website, I’ve omitted my personal contact information, as well as the personal contact information of former employers/supervisors, from this copy; to request further information, you can email me, or message me via Facebook).

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