A couple of months ago, I shared an experience on Facebook that I had with a new client, an older gentleman who was struggling with type 2 diabetes, and his doctors had not once mentioned to him anything about proper nutrition, instead just pumping him full of meds.

For those who missed it, here’s a recap:

“We picked up a new client today, and spent around 2 hours at his property, getting his pool/system cleaned, set up and functioning properly. Toward the end, I got to talking to him on the back patio, and he happened to mention he’s 62, and is struggling with type 2 diabetes. I probed a little further, and turns out it’s adult onset T2D, i.e., most likely the result of insulin resistance.

But his doctor’s been soaking him and his insurance company for tons of money and putting him on all sorts of extensive meds, trying this, trying that, changing the dosages—and hasn’t said dick to him about proper, healthy nutrition.

I then spent half an hour talking to him about nutrition: sugar, carbs, refined carbs, glucose, insulin, insulin resistance, low-carb diet, keto, intermittent fasting, grains, GMOs, autoimmune, etc., and explained some of the biochemestry and evolutionary science behind it all. I then gave him some prominent websites [such as Mark’s Daily Apple, and Wheat Belly) to check out. And, I told him I’d be there every Monday if he has any questions.

It was such a wonderful feeling, how excited the man was by the time I left! The possibility of being able to get off all the meds and the insulin simply by changing his diet to proper nutrition was very exciting to him, and I think he’s gonna give it a try!”

(UPDATE: we saw him the other day, and he’s now on a keto diet, had already lost close to 20 lbs, and was doing much better!)

Anyway, this video recently surfaced in my feed and I watched it this morning, and it’s a good, basic discussion about how reducing or eliminating carbs (and, of course, sugar) from our diets can reverse insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and the resultant obesity.

Worth a watch:

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