Rolling The Bones Book

Rolling The Bones: 12 Tales of Life, Death, Loss, & Redemption

by Rand Eastwood

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My book Rolling The Bones is a collection of twelve short stories & novellas, a culmination of sixteen years of my best fiction. It includes my very first short story, A Sweet Ride, penned in 2000 (and still a reader favorite to this day), as well as my very first novella, Roughing It, written shortly thereafter. It also includes the award-winning stories The Traveler, Forever Anna Day, and Cats (not the musical). Cats has also been my top-selling Kindle single on Amazon.

This amazing collection also includes the coming-of-age novella The Crossing, the ghostly stories Hell or High Water and This Old House, the shocking story Request Denied, the weird, “Twilight-Zonish” story A Bearable Darkness of Being, and the disturbing horror story CHAMBERS, among others.

Rolling The Bones is available in trade paperback (nearly 500 pgs) from Amazon, and Barnes & NobleBooks-A-Million, IndieBound, and Abebooks, and is also now available on Kindle.

Official Book Description:

Sometimes we win
Sometimes we lose
But every day
We roll the bones

A collection of twelve short stories and novellas, Rolling The Bones is a culmination of sixteen years of Rand Eastwood’s “dark and edgy” fiction.

Ghost stories, horror, psychological suspense, weird/twilight zone, coming-of-age, sexual deviance, drama…it’s all in there, there’s something for everyone! The stories are highly character-driven: everyday people, dealing with everyday life—but experiencing extraordinary circumstances and/or strange phenomena along the way…

With psychological and/or supernatural/otherly elements keeping the reader guessing, all the stories subliminally interconnected, and the entire work steeped in an intellectual ambiance—Rolling The Bones is a mentally stimulating and thought-provoking read to be sure! And, spanning multiple genres and nearly 500 pages, it’s not just a book, it’s an experience!

Pick up your copy of Rolling The Bones today, and embark on a fascinating, dark (and sometimes disturbing) journey…

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