Rolling The Bones Book

Rolling The Bones: 12 Tales of Life, Death, Loss, & Redemption

by Rand Eastwood

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My book¬†Rolling The Bones¬†is a collection of twelve short stories & novellas, a culmination of nineteen years of my best fiction. It includes¬†my very first short story, A Sweet Ride, penned in 2000 (and still a reader favorite to this day), as well as my first novella, Roughing It,¬†written shortly thereafter. It also includes the award-winning stories¬†The Traveler¬†(First Place, Carpe Articulum Literary Review‘s International Short Fiction Competition, 2009),¬†Forever Anna Day,¬†(honorable mention (4th place), the following year) and CATS¬†(not the musical) (Finalist, Writer’s Digest 79th Annual Writing Competition). (Note:¬†CATS (not the musical)¬†was by far my most popular Kindle single on Amazon, and so in 2018 I¬†expanded the short story into a novel entitled¬†CATS: the number of the beast,¬†which I then included, in its entirety, in Rolling The Bones in 2019).

Rolling The Bones also includes the coming-of-age novella The Crossing, the ghostly stories¬†Hell or High Water and This Old House,¬†the shocking story Request Denied, the strange, “Twilight-Zonish” story A Bearable Darkness of Being, and the disturbing horror story CHAMBERS,¬†among others.

Rolling The Bones is available in trade paperback from Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, and Abebooks, and is also now available on Kindle.

Official Book Description:

Sometimes we win
Sometimes we lose
But every day
We roll the bones…


Enter Eastwood’s dark world of collected short stories and novellas, now over 600 pages of the strange, psychological, horrific, paranormal, and otherly…

As the title suggests, the stories span multiple genres: ghost stories, horror, psychological suspense, weird/twilight zone, coming-of-age, sexual deviance, drama…it’s all in there, there’s something for everyone!


“Eastwood has really gone above and beyond with this compilation of short stories!”

“When one finds a book that is as revealing of life’s intricacies as much as it surprises the senses with its finely crafted writing and detailed nuances, one has found a treasured addition to their library. This is such a book for me.”

“This book is so well written that I just couldn’t put it down. Both character development and plot twists are impeccably done. I just kept thinking WOW!”

“The stories in this book are not so much ‘written’ as ‘masterfully woven into a tapestry’!”

“Rand Eastwood is an imaginative storyteller. His stories have original plots and unexpected outcomes. You just never know what to expect.”

“Wow, what a detailed and intriguing book.. Every story is not what you expect, and they connect in a way that you’re not expecting also..very deep and makes you say OMG!!!”

“Masterful use of language. Intriguing storylines that draw you deeper and deeper along the paths that Eastwood controls. These stories are not merely read; they are experienced in the heart.”

“Every story was strangely familiar but not in a way you could ever put your finger on. Characters and places so average you know them, but don’t remember how or why. So many fun twists and turns in each tale and you’re sure if you keep going one after another you’ll end up right in the lives of these people. You keep trying to take time between each one to relish it more fully, eventually becoming a reading binge that takes you way too far past your bedtime.”

“Rand Eastwood is rapidly becoming the thinking man’s horror author!”

Writer’s Digest Literary Judge Review:

“This collection of a dozen short stories and novellas gives the reader a rich variety of points of view and plot twists. The emphasis is generally on character rather than action, even in a piece about rape and guilt during World War II. The author uses many of the key devices for good literary story-telling: simile, metaphor, alliteration, strong verbs and so on. He creates good imagery and plays with the timeline as needed. For example, in the opening fiction, The Traveler, the first-person narrative gives the author the key to much interior dialogue. Other selections look at the tensions that arise in all relationships and how they play out, both in the short term and long term. There is even humor, not just in some of the titles (Forever Anna Day). In another piece, the metaphysical plays out in a struggle between human shadows that possess more presence than their human counterparts. These creative looks at the human condition are entertaining even though some are faster paced than others. The “bones” or dice in question symbolize the ambiguity of life and life choices as each story seems to look at the essence of duality in one form or another. One of the pluses of any anthology like this is that the author gets to explore and flex. This author does that as well.”

Carpe Articulum Literary Magazine Editorial Review of The Traveler (First Place winner in their annual short fiction competition, and the opening piece in Rolling The Bones, and available separately on Kindle):

“This piece was strong because it takes the reader through the experiences much the same way that a screenwriter ushers you through a film. You see pieces scene-by-scene, and in a way the make you feel as if you are truly experiencing the events as they unfold. I especially thought the use of a non-linear timeline was effective in this story. That is not an easy accomplishment, and in most cases, lands the piece in the “round file” (rubbish bin). Here, however, the writer takes a gamble and it works for him. It is a mature piece with a particularly believable protagonist.”

Writer’s Digest Literary Judge Review of my short novel CATS: the number of the beast (included in its entirety in Rolling The Bones, and also available separately in both paperback and on Kindle):

“CATS was an unexpectedly fun ride that I finished in a single afternoon! The story is a hair-raising combination of horror, sci-fi, and pet-centric fiction. Even readers of ghost stories and cozy mysteries will find elements to love.

The pacing at the beginning with short paragraphs immediately drew me in. Then, smart, quippy dialogue was introduced to propel the story line, while the secondary conflict of the missing mice added to the mystery of the cats. References from Star Trek and The Omen were particularly apt.

The Big Pharma and Book of Revelation references near the end swing conspiratorial…

Finally, the epilogue with Damien reads like a spin-off, so will Primeval [my novel in process] or another work be part of the CATS saga?

Now, I need to go check on my cat . . .”


The stories are highly character-driven: everyday people, dealing with everyday life‚ÄĒbut experiencing extraordinary circumstances and/or strange phenomena along the way…

With psychological and/or supernatural/otherly elements keeping the reader guessing, many of the stories subtly connected, and the entire work steeped in an intellectual ambiance‚ÄĒRolling The Bones is a mentally stimulating and thought-provoking read to be sure!

Or, as one reader put it (listed above): “Rand Eastwood is rapidly becoming the thinking man’s horror author!”

Spanning multiple genres and over 600 pages, Rolling The Bones is not just a book, it’s an experience!So order your copy of Rolling The Bones today, and embark on a fascinating, dark (and sometimes disturbing) journey‚Ķ!

The Traveler (Award Winner)
A Sweet Ride (Reader Favorite)
Hell or High Water (Personal Favorite)
Forever Anna Day (Novella, Award Winner, Reader Favorite)
Request Denied (Reader Favorite)
The Crossing (Novella, Personal Favorite)
A Bearable Darkness of Being (Personal Favorite)
Roughing It (Novella)
The Calling
This Old House
CATS: the number of the beast (Award-Winning Short Story, Now a Short Novel)