I’ve been seeing this story coming up in my feed, but I just now watched the actual video…and it’s one of the most impressive videos I’ve seen—not just from a police officer, but about this whole tyrannical lockdown going on across the country (my position has been simple: it’s not their decision to make).

Also, he put out a follow-up video explaining the first video and the chain of events to follow, I’ll share that video below too.

This officer gets it. Some of his more salient points:

“I’ve seen officers nation-wide enforcing tyrannical orders agains the people.”

“We need to start looking at ourselves as officers, and thinking, is what I’m doing right?”

“Regardless of where you stand on the coronavirus, we don’t have the authority to do these things to people, just because a mayor, or a governor, tells you otherwise.”

“We don’t get to violate people’s constitutional rights because somebody in our chain of command tells us otherwise. It’s not how this country works.”

“Our power, and any government official’s power, is derived from the people. We don’t hold power over our citizens—it’s contradictory to everything that our country stands for.”

“Illegal traffic stops to check for papers? What are you, the Gestapo? Is this 1930s Nazi Germany?”

“Our power that we hold as police officers is nothing more than a facade; it’s a badge and a gun. . .these actions are going to wake a sleeping giant, i.e. the American people. They are going to be put in a position where they won’t have their rights trampled anymore—and us as law enforcement officers, we’ll have our ability to enforce the law stripped from us in about ten minutes.”

“We’re going to see bloodshed in the streets. . .and I promise you, most of you out there doing these tyrannical acts against our citizens, you’re not ready for combat, you’re not mentally or physically ready for combat in the first place; I promise, you don’t want to go through that.”

“You’re going to wake a sleeping giant, and they’re going to fight ten times harder, for their freedom on their soil, than anything you’ve ever seen before.”

“If we all stand up together, guess what? It will be a non-issue, no factor, because people and law enforcement will be united like we should be.”

Now here’s his follow-up video, along with some of his more salient points from that one:

“The constitution supersedes all other documents, all other laws. . .so when I look at how I feel comfortable enforcing the law, and I see people exercising constitutional rights, it doesn’t matter if there’s different executive orders, requests from mayors, requests from governors, to me, the constitution supersedes that, and I’m going to stand with the people.”

“If that video is so bad that you want to take my career from me, and you want to take my ability away to provide for my family, because of that video, do it. Because I’m going to stand by my convictions, just like I said on my last video.”

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