Each year in the US, police shoot thousands of people, and—according to The Counted, published by The Guardian—manage to kill around 1,100 of them on average annually—and largely with impunity.

And even if they are made to stand trial—which is rare, from what I’ve seen—they are usually (if not always) acquitted; and, just as rare (again, from what I’ve seen), is the prospect of any of them losing their jobs over the incident (and even when one did recently get fired for killing an unarmed man—who body cam video showed was on his hands and knees, sobbing and pleading for his life, when the cop opened fire on him, killing him instantly—the officer was reinstated long enough to file for disability—to the tune of $2,500 per month, for lifeclaiming that killing the helpless man, and the resulting trial he had to endure, has given him PTSD!)

But then, what happens when a police officer merely suggests that a politician should be shot? (His exact words, posted on Facebook, (speaking of New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) were: “This vile idiot needs a round…and I don’t mean the kind she used to serve.”)

You guessed it: he was summarily terminated by the department. And not only him, but a fellow officer who merely “liked” the post in question was also fired.

I’d say that blatant disparity makes it pretty damn obvious exactly where the American people stand in the eyes of the police, does it not?

And I wonder: exactly when did the slogan “To Serve & Protect” come to mean to serve the politicians and protect each other??

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