I wrote the following on social media in response to the recent tragic and infuriating arrest of Julian Assange, thought it worthy of sharing here:

“The freedom of the press is one of the greatest bulwarks of liberty, and can never be restrained but by despotic Governments.” ~ Statement in the Declarations of Rights, passed by the Virginia Colonial Legislature, 1776

I’ve long believed that the Founders must have known at the outset that the Constitution would ultimately fail—otherwise, why protect the right of the people to own and carry arms, in order to preserve their freedom?

Assange, Snowden, and Manning are all guilty of the heinous crime of informing the people of the criminal actions of their government. This is precisely what journalists are supposed to do, and precisely why the press is given Constitutional protection to do so—and First Amendment status, no less.

And along with these heroes, I think of another champion of the people: Cody Wilson, whose work helped empower the people to exercise their right to own and carry arms, without government intervention (or even knowledge)—a right which is also granted Constitutional protection under the 2nd Amendment.

Like Assange, Wilson was also arrested on seemingly trumped up or even bogus charges, by a criminal government intent on stopping, silencing, and punishing him, making an example of him to help ward off similar efforts by others in the future, as they continually work toward ultimately disarming the people altogether—and I’ve not seen any word of his whereabouts or status since.

Today, governments around the world are flagrantly demonstrating that they are nothing more than corrupt, criminal institutions, exercising their will over that of the people, and at the enormous expense of the people—both in our loss of rights & liberty, and of course our property & wealth.

And here at home: the Constitution, the rule of law, is dead in America. Or a mere breath away from death, anyway…

All of this brings to mind the quote, though unfortunately I don’t recall who said it:

“The Constitution doesn’t protect our rights, our guns do.”

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