Yesterday I learned something that, for the first time, sheds a little light on the idiotic “safety measures” that have been put into place at all the local businesses (but in retrospect, I suppose I should’ve known):

A friend of mine who owns a business I frequent told me that inspectors are going around making sure all the “safety guidelines/directives” are being followed, and if not, they’re issuing citations (a friend of hers owns a hair salon, and the inspectors paid her a visit earlier in the week, and so she relayed the warning to my friend).

That’s right, they’re fining businesses who don’t comply, or fail to fully comply!

So, all these idiotic and pointless measures aren’t about safety after all, they’re about revenue generation for the state.

(After all, the “pandemic” was pure media hype, and has at this point been entirely discredited (for instance, the CDC recently¬†downgraded the danger of COVID-19 to comparable with the seasonal flu, and also said it isn’t easily spread by touching common surfaces).

But now, it all makes more sense…since governments by their very nature grow and grow, and thus need larger and larger budgets, and they eventually reach the point where they can no longer increase taxes without the people revolting, and since they produce little to nothing of value to offer in the marketplace in order to raise funds through voluntary exchange, they are forced to find new ways to support themselves, new ways to forcibly extract the funds that they so desperately need…

‚Ķso now¬†they’ve implemented all these new, pointless health regulations and are fining people for noncompliance through the health department.


And, while we’re on the subject: they also exercise the same practice via law enforcement agencies; by¬†adding new penalties or increasing existing fines for minor infractions, along with their heinous practice of civil asset forfeiture, the state can collect increasing revenue via the police departments.

But this isn’t news; most of us have known for years that today’s police state isn’t about safety, isn’t about justice, but about revenue generation for the state.

Ben Swann recently did a piece about this, citing this very practice as a likely reason why the police budgets/funding probably won’t be cut, regardless of current calls to do so:

And here’s another enraging fact that he doesn’t mention in the video: some time ago, I was researching average police officer salaries for an article I was writing, and discovered that many (if not all) police departments have profit sharing programs! What?? So, the more citations the officers write, the more assets and cash they seize‚Ķthe more money each officer makes in turn!

Talk about back-door revenue collectors!!

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