UPDATED 06/17/19: When I first began writing this article, 14 states had already passed so-called “Red Flag” gun control laws; but Colorado has since joined the fray, with HB19-1177 being signed into law by Colorado Governor Jared Polis on April 12, 2019—even under protest of local police unions and county sheriffs—as well as my home state of Nevada, as this past Friday newly-elected Governor Sisolak signed Assembly Bill 291, which bans bump stocks among other increased gun control measures, as well as carrying a “Red Flag” provision (though, much like Colorado, the sheriffs of all 17 counties in Nevada have signed a pledge not to enforce some of the new gun control legislation.

Regardless, with Colorado and Nevada now joining the gun confiscation bandwagon, that makes 16 states which have passed such laws, and worse, several other state legislatures are currently considering similar bills.

Red flag laws—also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) or Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs)—enable family members, cohabitants, law enforcement officers, government officials, or other concerned parties to petition a judge to confiscate guns from individuals who they claim pose a threat to themselves or others.

Police Kill Maryland Grandfather Under Red Flag Law

My first exposure to these Red Flag laws was when I learned of the grandfather in Maryland who was shot and killed by police officers who were attempting to confiscate his gun in November 2018 under Maryland’s new Red Flag law, enacted Oct 1 2018.

(I’ve since learned the man’s name: Gary Willis, age 61. Here’s his obituary, complete with photo).

I that case, apparently due to some type of family squabbling, a disgruntled family member filed a “red flag” protective order against the grandfather (according to the above article, a niece attributed the police visit to “family being family” but declined to elaborate, but did say that one of her aunts had filed the order), and when police showed up to take his gun, a struggle ensued, the gun was accidentally discharged (nobody was hit), and so the officers shot and killed the man.

And this, regardless of the fact that other family members, and those who lived with the man, said he was not a threat to anyone.

Guns Being Seized by Seattle Police Under Red Flag Law

I then learned that they’re doing the same thing in Washington, thanks to the Red Flag law—Initiative 1491, a gun-safety ballot measure—being overwhelmingly passed by voters in 2016.

How Red Flag Laws Work

So I did a little research. Turns out, “Red Flag” laws have been around for 20 years (the first one enacted by Connecticut in 1999), and today are sweeping across the nation.

The way “Red Flag” laws work is this: a family member, or cohabitant, or police officer or other government official can simply report that someone is unstable or mentally ill or whatever, and thus poses a threat because they also happen to own a firearm(s). Then, based on the report, the police can simply show up and relieve the person of their firearms & ammunition—and it’s already been demonstrated that they’re perfectly willing to shoot and kill the victim if they resist the confiscation attempt, as we saw in the aforementioned tragic incident.

But here’s the icing on the cake: the report is confidential, and not accessible to the public (at least in Maryland). So the reality is, they don’t really even need to have a report filed, they can simply claim that one has been filed (who would know?), and then the cops can simply enter someone’s home and confiscate their guns at will—and even kill them if they resist.

And they will do it.

They already have.

Just following orders…

So, great! Sounds like something we should implement on a national scale…

Red Flag Laws Are Going National

WAIT! Now the really good news: apparently, these “Red Flag” laws are working so well in the states that have already enacted them, some members of congress now want to take the program national!

Sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and cosponsored by Senators Jack Reed (R-RI), Angus King, Jr., (I-ME) and Susan Collins (R-ME), Senate Bill 7—Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act of 2019—was introduced Jan 2, 2019 by Rubio.

Senate Bill 7, Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act of 2019, was introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio on Jan 3, 2019

The upshot: under this bill—assuming it’s passed into law—states that enact such “Red Flag” laws will qualify to receive a federal grant.

I don’t think I need to emphasis the threat that this potential federal law poses to our rights, our very freedom…


As I’ve written before, the US Constitution—the rule of law—is dead in America. So now, the main obstacle preventing Washington from achieving absolute domestic tyranny is an armed populace. So it is becoming increasingly important that they somehow disarm the American people, before they revolt. Because you know the saying:

The Constitution doesn’t protect our rights, our guns do

But apparently, they won’t attempt to do it all at once; they’ll do it incrementally.

First they came for the medical marijuana patients…
Then they came for the disgruntled family members…

And in the process, they’ll use the tried and true method of divide and conquer, for they know that that way, they won’t even have to take our guns away from us—because we’ll take them away from ourselves.

And we can only hope that they’re wrong…

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