The following snippet was originally included in my recent article After 3 Mass Shootings in 7 Days, it’s Time to Consider a few Common-Sense Gun Measures for Public Safety…but they are two entirely different issues, and the inclusion of this segment was distracting readers from the primary issue of that article, and was putting off some readers who may readily agree with arming and training more citizens in response to the mass shootings we keep seeing, but may not agree with the idea of disarming police officers. So I removed that segment of the article and turned it into this stand-alone article:

The citizen arming/training measures I listed in the aforementioned article would dovetail nicely with the DISarming of all patrol officers across the nation, as they have more than adequately demonstrated that they are incapable of exercising common sense, judgement, or self-discipline, or of displaying the appropriate character, attitude, or demeanor when engaging citizens—the very people they are supposed to be protecting and serving. Instead, we keep seeing case after case after case of cops just pulling their guns and shooting people (and/or their dogs), without just cause. Or, as with the recent incident in Arlington Texas, accidentally shooting and killing someone while trying to shoot their (harmless) dog.

So I think it’s reasonable to say okay, they can keep a firearm locked in its cradle in their police vehicle, so in the rare instance that they actually do come across a dangerous scenario, wherein their life or the lives of others truly is threatened, then they can return to their vehicle, unlock the cradle, and access their firearm to deal with the situation. But then and only then—they should not be carrying readily-accessible sidearms.

Perhaps their supervisors could still be allowed to carry a sidearm; just not the patrol officers themselves. It’s simply too dangerous, they’re far too irresponsible and unaccountable—and especially when you consider that to them, the mantra “serve and protect” has come to mean serving the politicians and protecting each other.

And I would even question their use of tasers, but maybe we can start with confiscating their sidearms, and see how they do, if they start behaving themselves…and then we’ll decide whether their tasers will be next…

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