This morning, there was some opinionated mudslinging going on between various libertarians/anarchists in my Facebook network, which compelled me to write the following response:

I believe that one of the primary keys to practicing good anarchy (or, as I prefer, autarchy) lies in the adoption of a humble, subjective, respectful approach to all individuals. Values are subjective to the individual…happiness is subjective to the individual…desires, ambitions, goals, dreams…all subjective to the individual. The list goes on and on.

And add to this the fact that the human brain is incapable of perceiving objective reality…then a humble, subjective, respectful approach to the individual is our only recourse when it comes to effectively interacting with others.

Upon learning and understanding these truths, I then came to realize that there’s no way in hell I could possibly know what’s best for anyone else—hell, I barely know what’s best for me, most of the time—so, unless they ask for my input, I keep my opinions of others and their beliefs, choices, and lifestyle to myself. To each their own.

This is also why adherence to first (or universal) principles is so crucial.

So with all this being the case, perhaps it would behoove us all to strive Toward Autarchy…and meantime, please consider liking my Facebook page Toward Autarchy!

(Side Note: Before I’m accused of being a spineless pacifist, I am herein speaking exclusively of actions which are non-harmful or non-violent to others; once an individual begins harming others or their property via initiatory violence, well…that changes the discussion dramatically).

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