We are now several generations into government-run schooling, which, rather than properly educating children (teaching them to think for themselves—critical thinking, individualism, creative problem solving, proficient decision making, skill set development, etc.)—instead teaches them authoritarianism, obedience, subservience, conformity, helplessness, non-thinking, state worship, etc.

Now, couple that sad fact with the loss of free market capitalism in the US, which has been replaced instead with “crony capitalism“—in other words, success is no longer rooted in the production of quality products and providing outstanding service to customers, but in garnering political connections and favors.

So is it really all that surprising that our youth are now using their own ignorance and helplessness—their “victim” status—as a political tool, to acquire power, money, and benefits for themselves—i.e., to succeed—within our politicized economy?

Stands to reason, does it not?