This morning, I weighed in at 176 (6′ tall)—essentially meaning I lost 10 lbs during the month of June. My abs are definitely re-emerging, which I’m of course happy to see (perhaps I’ll post a pic soon, it’s been awhile). 🙂

But this is somewhat surprising, considering I’ve been unable to go to the gym since early March (the government took that away from us in the name or health, or something). I’m really active at my job, so I’m not sedentary by any stretch—but I haven’t been getting any actual cardio or strength training for going on 4 months now.

What I DID do, however, was really tighten the screws on my carb/sugar intake. I eliminated my “cheat day”, I no longer sneak the occasional chocolate donut while out on the route, I’ve quit all sources of sugar (even relatively low doses like peanut butter), and even reduced my diet soda intake to one a day for 4 days (on the job), and just electrolyte water over the 3-day weekends (there’s a school of thought that aspartame can cause weight gain by tricking your brain into expecting calories, then prompting cravings when they don’t arrive so you end up eating carbs or sugar to satisfy the craving, and there are also studies that show that while aspartame does not significantly elevate blood glucose, it still prompts an insulin response—again, I believe due to the anticipation of glucose—and insulin prompts your body to store fat).

I still eat the occasional brown rice or baked red potato or yam in moderation, but nearly my entire diet now consists of simply meat and veggies, and occasional fruit (the high fiber content in fruit and veggies negates much of the carb intake).

The crackdown did prompt some evening carb cravings, but they subsided fairly quickly. And on occasional evenings, I’m now skipping dinner and thus hitting something around an 18-hour fast, rather than my typical 14-hour overnight fast (normally, I try to eat dinner around 430pm, then fast until 630am the next day), and that’s helping prompt my body to burn stored fat, by withholding the dietary fat that it’s used to.

And this also goes to show ya: at our age, it’s much more about proper diet and nutrition, than about killin’ ourselves in the gym…

Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience, in case anyone else might find the information useful.

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