The following is a brief description of my new ideological endeavor, which I’ve dubbed Toward Autarchy. Though the website is not yet active (thus far I’ve just acquired the URL, I have launched a Facebook page (Toward Autarchy) dedicated to further development of the concept, so please visit the page and “like” it, to keep abreast of my ongoing work on this subject matter.

Here’s a copy of the description post from the Facebook page:

Autarchy: Rejection of the State (Compulsory Government) • Self-Rule • Ruling/Ruled By No Others
I believe that Autarchy is a better term than Anarchy, for the simple reason that Anarchy is defined as “no rulers”, which can easily be perceived as people not even ruling themselves—i.e., total lawlessness, violence, chaos and riots in the streets, an unfortunate misperception that we are all familiar with—whereas Autarchy means “self-rule”, which is not so easily misperceived.

In addition, I’ve taken the liberty to expand upon the notion of self-rule to include self-liberation, self-discipline, and self-mastery.

I also believe Autarchy is the only ideology that addresses both sides of the “liberty coin”: the rights/liberty side (which most everyone is eager to talk about), as well as the responsibility/duty side (which, of course, is often ignored).

Further, I use the term “Toward Autarchy” in reference to our progress along both the continuum of personal development—moving away from dependency/addiction and toward self-mastery/enlightenment—and the continuum of freedom across broader society—shifting away from tyranny/slavery and toward liberty/freedom. I believe that our progress (or lack thereof) along the one, greatly influences that of broader society along the other.

That being the case, I’ve come to believe that each individual working to develop and master him- or herself, and then living and leading by example, is the ideal way for all of us to eventually achieve a free, peaceful, and prosperous society.

And this process would of course be incremental in nature; thus, just as we would support any incremental progress “Toward Autarchy” (self-mastery, or self-rule) that each individual manages to achieve, we should also support any incremental shift “Toward Autarchy” (self-rule, or liberty) that broader society manages to achieve.

Also, for further reference, here’s the Wikipedia entry for Autarchism.

Thank you for taking the time to review the Toward Autarchy Facebook page, and I hope you like & share it with all your friends…more content is forthcoming as I develop the page, the website, the dedicated category on this blog, and most importantly, the ideology itself.

In Liberty,

~ Rand

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