In the following TedxYouth video, Seth Godin asks: What is school for?

Now, I’m always amazed when someone makes such brilliant observations and suggestions on what’s failing within some industry or institution, and what could be done to correct it, while couching the entire discussion within the context of statism—the inherently flawed ideology that is causing many of the problems they are addressing.

It’s like the idea of free markets and removing government intervention doesn’t even occur to them.

So, even though I agree with pretty much everything Mr. Godin says here about schools and educating children, and what improvements could be made—especially with utilizing today’s technology—I’d have to add that the FIRST thing that needs to happen is to privatize all schools. Doing so would accomplish several things:

1) End government indoctrination of children (today we can plainly see where generations of THAT has gotten us)

2) Inject free market forces into the industry, such as accountability and competition, thus increasing quality and choices while decreasing costs

3) Enable parents to choose a school whose curriculum, customs, and policies meet their own criteria, and

4) Protect the rights of those individuals without children who are forced to pay for the education of other people’s children

Anyway, well worth a watch:

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