This is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve ever seen…

It’s got me thinking: just like in today’s police state you do NOT want to call the police if you can in any way avoid it, because it’s simply too dangerous: they could very well cite you, assault you, seize your property, shoot your dog, arrest you, or even kill you, when you’re the one who called them for help in the first place!

Well…looks like we need to think the same way about going to the hospital—or at least public hospitals…

Now, there is so much wrong, terrifying, and infuriating in this video that it’s difficult to watch, or to some degree even believe (though I DO believe her, she presents significant evidence including audio and video recordings, plus I’ve seen earlier videos by another nurse stating the same things, also through her own tears and outright weeping—and besides, this is what happens when government-protected institutions, largely insulated from free market forces, become corrupted and self-serving…so in a way, not surprising, and absolutely believable).

Unfortunately, i’ve no way of verifying the allegations or questionable—if not downright evil—actions, procedures, and general malpractice she presents in the video, so instead I plan to address this issue from the standpoint of free market health care vs. socialized, or government-run/regulated healthcare in a future article, to which I’ll include a link here once it’s finished and published.

Until then, brace yourself, and watch this disturbing video—and try not to throw anything:

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