Thanks to the shutdown, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and thought I’d share a few of my thoughts here:

I’ve never in my life felt so oddly displaced…for years, I’ve been working toward a life evolution, and really believed that this year, I would see substantial change in my life. I didn’t know what, precisely, but I felt I was personally ready to take things to the “next level”, and to effectively handle whatever challenges or opportunities emerged.
But then, Leviathan reared its ugly head, and shut it all down.
So, as I wait for people to wake up to the hoax and cast off the chains (or, I suppose, masks), or for the election in November to perhaps end all this insanity, or even for future local election cycles, to remove all these tyrants from office (we can only hope, anyway), I’ve returned to my studies, and my writing.
That’s about all I can do right now, outside of working my job.
In that light, here are some of the thoughts I’ve recently been pondering:
1) The reality is, the vast majority of people don’t want freedom, they want power. The reason for this is simple: power comes at the expense of others: forcing others to bend to your will, forcing others to pay for what you want, forcing others to bear the burdens and consequences of your decisions and actions, etc.—whereas freedom comes at one’s own expense, namely personal responsibility: self-ownership, self-discipline, self-reliance, self-efficacy, self-actualization, personal development, constant education, personally bearing the burdens and consequences of one’s own decisions and actions, etc., all of which requires an immense amount of work and sacrifice, in perpetuity.
And further, those who seek freedom reject the very notion of using force against others to fulfill their desires, for that would in truth be a will to power, not a will to freedom.
So obviously, power is a much more attractive proposition than freedom. And what better way to attain power over others than through the guns of the state, by way of nearly effortless action at the ballot box?
2) It is said that in the information age, ignorance is a choice. Conversely, that also means that education is a choice. But I’ve come to believe that the reality is, the vast majority of people don’t want education, they want entertainment, and for the same reason as #1 above: entertainment comes at the expense of others: others must do the work, engage in the hours of practice, do the creating, the production, face the fear of failure or loss, etc., all the spectator must do is sit back and enjoy the show—whereas education comes at one’s own expense: the work, the sacrifice, the time, pushing the limitations of one’s mind and even beliefs, facing the fear of failure or futility, etc., which, just as with freedom, requires an immense amount of work and sacrifice, in perpetuity.
3) So, with #1 and #2 being the case, I cannot foresee the creation of a truly free society; there’s simply no way to coral the masses from their desire for security, their will to power, and their demand for entertainment, all acquired at the expense of others, into a desire for freedom, education, and self-actualization, all of which can only be acquired at their own expense, i.e., personal responsibility and sacrifice.
4) Instead, I believe that rather than a free society, there will only be free individuals; and it is my hope, in the long-term (doubtful in my lifetime), that technology will eventually enable free individuals to flourish outside the walls (literal and/or metaphorical) that enclose the enslaved masses. Some sort of digital underground, devoid of geographic or nationalistic boundaries, wherein free individuals can act, produce, associate, and…well, be free. Or at least as free as possible.
5) Over the past few years—since the Trump campaign, actually, when I felt that the liberty community splintered due to various ideological differences—I’ve been piecing together a philosophy, forging a roadmap if you will, for evolving a free society via the development of free individuals, with the understanding that both are incremental in nature, and thus incremental advancements toward both individual self-actualization and self-mastery and societal freedom and self-governance should be supported by the entire liberty community. My hope was to in this way unify the liberty community by identifying the common ground we all share, that we all can agree on, and then moving forward from there.
I call this philosophy Toward Autarchy, with “autarchy” (literally: self-rule) referring to both self-actualization/self-mastery at the individual level, and freedom/self-governance at the societal level. Thus the slogan: An Holistic Approach For The Individual • A Unifying Vision For The Community.
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However, my more recent conclusion that a free society—at least as we’ve come to characterize societies over the millennia—is most likely unattainable, given the aforementioned reasons, gives me pause to reconsider that roadmap. So a new elemental concept has emerged within my developing philosophy: that of free individuals thriving within unfree societies, or in an unfree world.
That notion seems even more challenging than that of evolving an entire society toward freedom, one individual at a time—but on the other hand, it seems infinitely more doable, given current reality. But then again, y’all know the saying: you can ignore the state, but the state won’t ignore you.
So therein lies the challenge.