I did really badly in school. And I hated it from day one. Went from straight-A’s the first couple years to poor grades, constantly being in trouble, and barely graduating. And unfortunately, the experience was so bad, I never gave college any consideration whatsoever. Upon graduating high school, I ran from school, screaming and flailing, never to return.

For much of my adult life, I thought there was something wrong with me. There was a time I even thought I was crazy. Nothing made sense to me, the way the mainstream of society did things. Everyone else seemed to be doing fine, while I struggled, couldn’t fit in, couldn’t seem to do things their way.

But then, the Internet saved me.

The Internet became the school I never had to learn in, and Google and YouTube became the teachers I never had to ask my questions. My wonderful network of friends on Facebook became my classmates, my family. On Facebook, we don’t get in trouble for talking in class.

With the Internet, I am able to learn the way I need to learn: dynamically, three-dimensionally, via multi-media, and at the speed I want and need to—rather than linearly, in an authoritarian environment, and at the dumbed-down speed of the lowest common denominator.

For the first time, learning became fun and productive for me. Exciting. I now spend at least some portion of my day, each and every day, for years now, learning. Soaking it up. Understanding.

Public schools nearly killed me. Or at least my mind. My spirit. Nobody should want to do that to their kids.

This video by Prince Ea is spot-on.

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